Other agenda items and actions from the Wilmore City Council meeting

Published 7:21 pm Wednesday, June 7, 2017

—Approved 5-0: First reading of a proposed ordinance for a joint tourism commission between the cities of Nicholasville and Wilmore, as well as Jessamine County.
—Approved 5-0: Resolution 2017-5, the City of Wilmore has determined that the real property located at 400-402 E. Main Street in Wilmore is surplus real property. The council approved the purchase order to sell two parcels of land — one of which houses the old Brumfield Hay and Grain building — to TATM Properties LLC for $140,609.85, with the addition of item 23, which requests a zoning amendment to avoid the property being used for industrial purposes. See the full story in the June 8 issue of The Jessamine Journal.
— Not approved: Despite requests from council members Lynn Cooper and David Riel, no funds will be transferred from the bond fund into the streets and sidewalks fund. However, the Wilmore City Council did voice their interest in taking on projects to improve roads and infrastructures within the city.
—Approved 5-0: First reading of Ordinance 2-17 to adopt the annual budget for 2017-2018, with the amendment that no funds will be transferred from the bond fund into the streets and sidewalks fund.
—Approve 5-0: First reading of Ordinance 3-17 relating to the amended budget for 2016-2017.
—Approved 5-0: The first reading of Ordinance 1-17 to increase water and sewer rates by two percent for the 2017-2018 budget. The second reading will occur on June 19.
—Approved 5-0: Farmers Bank Loan Authorization for a 2017 International dump truck, a purchase that was authorized at the beginning of this year. In January, the Wilmore City Council authorized the purchase of the dump truck capable of plowing snow-covered and icy roads as well as spreading salt. To pay for the truck, the city will take a local financing option with Farmers Bank that will allow them to pay off the truck from the Municipal Road Aid — an account specifically for road maintenance and repairs — in five years at two percent interest. The loan of $136,501 will help pay for the first phase of $98,100, which includes the cab and chassis and the second phase of $38,189 for the bed and snow plow. The dump truck, which will be purchased from Bluegrass International under a state contract — meaning the city will not have to go through a bid process — will cost approximately $155,000 with the plow and salt spreader.
—Approved 5-0: First reading of Ordinance 4-17 to change the zone from an agricultural zone (A-1) to professional (P-1) for 9.02 acres, submitted by Wesley Village for property located at 1125 Lexington Road, a decision which was made in February 2010.
—Approved 5-0: The Wilmore City Council accepted the bid made on May 11 from Morton Salt for $64 per ton for 250 tons of road salt to be used as needed during the colder months this year.

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