Black bear spotted by Nicholasville

Published 5:59 pm Wednesday, June 7, 2017

According to the Jessamine County Animal Care and Control, a black bear was spotted on two occasions in the northeastern area of Jessamine County over the past week.

Jessamine County Animal Care and Control Deputy Director Frank Ruggiero confirmed to the Jessamine Journal Wednesday afternoon that the animal was spotted off of Vince Road over the weekend and again by three employees of Taylor Made Farm near the office on Union Mill Road on Tuesday.

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County authorities looked for the bear upon receiving the reports, but were unable to locate it when searching the scene. However, Ruggiero said that the state is aware of the animal.

“We’ve been in contact with the [Kentucky] Department of Fish and Wildlife,” Ruggiero said. “And they are telling us that yes, there is a black bear in the area. And they have been monitoring it.”

An estimate of the bear’s size and whether it is an adult or juvenile was unavailable at press time.

Ruggiero said that the Department of Fish and Wildlife offered recommendations to residents in the area whose property may be visited by the bear.

If a resident spots the bear or discovers it around their home, they are advised to put trash and waste in an area where the bear cannot get into it. They should also avoid feeding dogs or cats outside if possible. Anyone who sees the bear on their property is advised to scare it off to a safe distance with the noise of banging pans or from a shot to its hindquarters with buckshot or a pellet gun.

“They are not strangers to the area,” Ruggiero said. He said that a black bear was found deceased near lock 7 in the county in recent years.