Summer has arrived!

Published 4:31 pm Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Technically, there are a few weeks left of spring before we roll into summer. However, after this past Memorial Day weekend, there are some good arguments to make against the calendar.

Monday morning’s Memorial Day celebration at the Camp Nelson Cemetery was an event I had been looking forward to for a couple of weeks, and I wasn’t disappointed. Sweating like a fiend from the abundance of vibrant sunshine, mind you, but definitely not disappointed. That was my first time inside the cemetery, and seeing all of the flags and colorful memorial decorations placed on and amongst all of the white headstones was a sight of both striking beauty and humbling reverence.

When everyone in attendance who had served in a branch of our country’s armed forces was asked to stand to be recognized, it was great to see so many rise. I am glad that so many of our area veterans were able to attend the event. I am sure that they were appreciative of the acknowledgment for the section of their lives that they dedicated to our country and our freedom—regardless of how long their tenure.

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I congratulate everyone involved in organizing the event for its smoothness and its success. Kudos as well to the local Scouts who placed the flags at the headstones on Saturday. Finally, a tip of the hat to the thirty-five members of the West Jessamine High School Band who showed up to perform patriotic music at the event over a week into their summer vacation. There was a lot of character on display right there that should make all the parents and West Jessamine itself very proud.

Thanks to everyone from me, and on behalf of all my own family members who served our country.


The other tell-tale sign that summer has arrived is the sheer amount of grilling talked about at the Jessamine Journal office. I had the best-laid plans for grilling on Monday evening, but a package of hamburger that expired long before the date printed on the package brought that plan to a screeching and stinking halt. Joe spent the lion’s share of his holiday weekend repairing and treating his deck so that he can fire up his grill for himself and Jack without worrying about falling through collapsing boards. 

Joe and I both received merit badges for our plans and efforts, but the Memorial Day Grillmaster trophy this year went to Jonathan. Mr. Curry flamed up a feast for his family Monday afternoon that—by his own accord—left him sprawled out on the couch snoozing by 9:30 p.m. That is a true Charcoal Champion right there.

So here is my post-Memorial Day tip for everyone. Joe is still reeling from being bent over with a hammer and a brush for too many hours, and Jonathan is still trying to regain his bearings after all that flame-wrangling. Anyone looking to get a great deal on advertising space in the quicky-approaching summer 2017 issue of Jessamine Life should capitalize on their compromised states and try to score a good deal by contacting them this week. 

Good luck!