JCEMS receives $500 grant from Diversicare

Published 4:16 pm Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Diversicare in Nicholasville recently donated $500 to Jessamine County Emergency Medical Services as part of their quarterly grant for the Neighborhood Impact Plan (NIP), which was developed in 2016.

“EMS does a wonderful job with us here in Nicholasville,” Administrator of Diversicare, Tom Davis said of Jessamine County Emergency Medical Services.

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Recipients of the grant provided by the healthcare and rehabilitation center must be non-profit organizations or agencies which are selected based on their need for financial assistance.

The check presented on Thursday will go toward purchasing eight new pelvic binders for Jessamine County EMS to use to lift, transfer and reposition patients.

Some of the largest hemorrhages you can have in your body are internal hemorrhages, specifically a pelvic hemorrhage.

“When a pelvis gets fractured, there is a lot of blood supply that travels through there,” said Education Coordinator for Jessamine County EMS, Jamie Goodpaster. “So blood will fill up in the pelvic cavity, and that’s one of the largest cavities in the body. You can bleed out your entire blood volume into your pelvis.”

Goodpaster said the pelvic binder cinches the pelvis down and stops the bleeding.

“If we can stop that bleeding early, then less patients die,” he said.

Though pelvic and hip injuries are common in the nursing home environment, they can also be seen in other traumatic events such as car accidents.

“Our goal is to mitigate that hemorrhage,” Goodpaster said. “If we can stop that then we can prevent death.”