Remember to remember

Published 6:22 pm Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Monday morning, I will travel out to Camp Nelson to cover the Memorial Day proceedings. I am looking forward to experiencing Jessamine County’s service to honor those who served our country. I hope that the weather cooperates, but my record for covering outdoor Memorial Day services is not favorable for pleasant May weather.

Rain or shine, it is the principle of the holiday that counts, not the comfort level of the audience at the services. I’m sure each and every veteran around this area endured their share of instances where comfort was sparse during their time of service.

Each year around Memorial Day when I plan my editorial column, I sit and think about how many people—even those who celebrate the holiday to some extent each year—actually know its specific origins. When you look at it closely, I think that rings true for many holidays that are celebrated annually. We are so caught up in the act of celebrating, that we forget over time what we are celebrating for.

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It is important that we remember why we remember, and why we celebrate Memorial Day in the first place. Without those who fought for the ideals of this country, we would not have the freedoms that we continue to be blessed with in this country—including mine to write this very column for publication and public consumption. Even though it is true that the freedoms that this country once granted have been shaved down more and more with each passing shift in the cultural landscape, we still live with luxuries that are unrivaled in other countries. For that reason, I still proudly claim that I am fortunate to live in the greatest country on Earth.

I am a proudly patriotic advocate for a country that has given me so many opportunities to earn success.

Whatever you may find yourself doing to celebrate Memorial Day next Monday—be it sitting on a lake, taking in a new blockbuster movie, grilling some fine-looking hot dog and hamburger patties or placing flowers and flags on the headstones of loved ones—I bid you a wonderful day. Especially if you or one of your most beloved is a veteran of our country’s armed forces that is still with us. Thank them on behalf of your local newspaper guy.

For those veterans who aren’t still with us, please remember to remember them. They certainly earned it.