Restaurant Inspections published May 11, 2017

Published 6:43 pm Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

• Movie Tavern – 97 on April 3. Notes: produce must be washed before slicing and prepping; ice scoop not being used; dishwashers broken – dishes must be sanitized with sanitizer at three-compartment sink, hand soap needed at hand sink, lighting at walk-in freezer out and personal drinks must be covered with straw and away from food prep. Scored 91 on April 6 follow-up. Notes: dish machine repaired and working properly.

• Panera – 94 on April 6. Notes: prep cooler unclean on interior shelf, floor unclean under equipment in prep area and sanitizer level below 50 ppm (chlorine) on dish washing machine. Scored 98 on follow-up. Notes: dishwashing machine sanitizer level corrected.

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• Jimmy John’s – 94 on April 6. Notes: chorine test strips wet and unusable, no thermometer in meat holding cooler and dumpster lid open.

• Starbucks – 100 on April 6.

• Red Robin – 95 on April 6. Notes: freezer door gasket in poor condition, interior of microwave oven unclean, interior of prep coolers unclean, interior of trash can cabinets unclean and water leak under hand sink in bar area.

• Giovanni’s – 83 on April 6. Notes: no paper towels at hand sinks, food should be protected (sunflower seeds bacon bits, etc.) sneeze guard needed, hang brooms when not in use, sugar scoop needs a handle and cup should not be stored in sugar, milk and icing are expired and need to be discarded, sanitizer was out and not sanitizing dishes and the can opener blade and knife storage container were dirty. Scored 91 at on-site follow up. Notes: expired milk and icing discarded and sanitizer was fixed.

• Papa John’s – 92 on April 6. Notes: trash can lid needed in women’s restroom, brooms should be hung up when not in use and hand sink shall have nothing it it. Scored 96 at on-site follow-up. Notes: cup of butter and brush were removed from hand sink.

• Sonic #4440 – 93 on April 11. Notes: internal back panel of ice machine needs to be cleaned, floors dirty behind cooking equipment and walk-in greasy, walls poor repair especially need three-compartment sink, broken covers and food salt stored in kitchen area. Scored 97 at on-site follow-up. Notes: salt item was removed and discarded.

• Depot Street Pizza – 92 on April 12. Notes: microwave unclean on interior, exterior of dough mixer unclean, thermometer not accurate in cooler, floor in poor condition in preparation room and front area, bare wood floor in front of restrooms, walls not sealed in storage room and next to restrooms, plumbing and insulation exposed in storage, no hand washing signs for employees at hand sinks in kitchens and restrooms, no light in storage room and no thermometer in storage room freezer. A placard is needed to post inspections.

• Nicholasville Cafe – 86 on April 12. Notes: HVAC vents had heavy dust buildup, bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food, ice scoop stored on unclean surface, shelves unclean where plates are stored, floor unclean in upstairs storage room and stairs, light not working in back room near walk-in cooler and owner refused to operate dishwashing machine to verify dishes are being sanitized. Scored 95 at on-site follow-up. Notes: discussed proper handling of bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food and owner operated dishwashing machine.

• Holiday Inn Express – 98 on April 12. Notes: personal belongings should be stored in an area away from food products and mops and brooms should be hung up.

• Arby’s – 100 on April 17.

• Academy of Little Learners – 99 on April 17. Notes: floor in need of cleaning user microwave shelves to remove food that has fallen. Make sure refrigerator is at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler.

• LoRae’s Hawaiian Ice, LLC – 98 on April 17. Notes: attach hose to cary waste water out to waste water bucket. Scored 100 on April 20 follow-up.

• Dairy Queen – 88 on April 19. Notes: dumpsters overflowing, no covered trash can in women’s restroom; floor dirty in storage building, under syrups, under fryer, under sleeves of cups, behind drive-thru ice machine and in walk-in cooler; wall dirty behind gravy beside fryer; in need of cleaning toppings cooler, reach in cooler (cheese) and three-compartment sink; should not use single-use cup for strawberry-kiwi syrup dispenser; personal items (keys, drinks) should be stored away from food and food products; sausage for gravy, sanitizer bucket and employee beverage stored too close together and tea dripping on ice scoop.

• Warner Elementary – 100 on April 27.

• Circle K #3247 – 90 on April 27. Notes: ready-to-eat sandwiches at 54 degrees Fahrenheit in open air cooler; open air cooler not maintaining food temperature at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or less, hot dog tongs stored on unclean surface, interior of cabinets unclean, exterior of beverage machines unclean, lids for cups stored in dusty trays, drain stoppers missing for three-compartment sink and freezer thermometer not accurate. Scored 95 at on-site follow-up. Notes: ready-to-eat food removed from open air cooler for credit from distributor.

• Jessamine Early Learning Village – 100 on April 27.