Property Transfers published April 13, 2017

Published 7:23 pm Wednesday, April 12, 2017

• 712 Pinoak Drive in Nicholasville: James Perkins to Krystle and Anthony Maynard for $144,900.  

• 200 S. 3rd in Nicholasville: Daniel and Jessica Abston to Gabriel and Sara E. Adkins for $147,000.

• 212 Northbrook Road in Nicholasville: James and Diane Hancock to Carol L. and Jerry L. Bear for $166,000. 

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• 217 Manoah Lane in Nicholasville: Anthony and Lorraine Gann to Joseph M. Greenwell and Shelby Floyd for $184,000. 

• 225 Courtney Drive in Nicholasville: Larry D. Tucker to Ashley Gabbard for $126,200. 

• 708 Lauren Drive in Nicholasville: John L. Jr. Blackmore to Jodie L. Campbell for $137,000.  

• Elizabeth Street in Nicholasville: Curico KY. Real Property LLC to Winn Ventures LLC for $200,000. 

• 111 Daffodil Court in Nicholasville: Grey Oak Lane LLC to Willliam J. and Elizabeth P. Cheves for $320,000. 

• 120 Allison Circle in Nicholasville: Julia Clark to Deborah Ormond for $126,000. 

• 104 Quarter Mile Way in Nicholasville: Travis R. Wallace to Jonathan and Rebecca Boskovitch for $232,500. 

• Watts Mill in Nicholasville: Ronald Jr. and Bettie J. Flynn to Noland B and Connie A .Mcpeek for $42,500. 

• 509 Sandee Drive in Nicholasville: Goreti Dianet and Cynthia I. Nunez to Goreti and Goretty Nunez for $39,500. 

• 424 Southbrook Drive in Nicholasville: John and Brittany M. Hudson to Jon D. and Sandra R. Rice for $150,000. 

• 113 Rolling Acres in Nicholasville: Threcia Prince to Shaun Lee Howard for $83,000. 

• 2359 Vince Road in Nicholasville: Tammy and Jeffrey Pendleton to Daren L. Turner for $172,500. 

• 300 Woodspointe Way in Wilmore: Theresa Cramer to John K. Taulbee for $138,000. 

• 213 Brome Drive in Nicholasville: Michelle E. and Anthony A. Areaux to Michael S. and Jessica Bredensteiner for $215,000. 

• 106 Bruner Lane in Nicholasville: Nathaniel P. and Michelle Mccallum to Walter C. Marcum for $95,000. 

• 156 Feck Lane in Nicholasville: Angela Brockman to Richard D. Clay for $178,000. 

• 3184 Clear Creek Road in Nicholasville: Edward K. II and Ashley N. Smith to Michael James and Michelle Kelly Adams for $267,500. 

• 201 Morgan Court in Nicholasville: Ian and Lesa Hoffman to Matthew R. and Ellen C. Luckett for $700,000. 

• 210 Porta Verde in Nicholasville: Brandie Lyon to Gale Property Management LLC for $105,000.