Restaurant Inspections published April 06, 2017

Published 2:59 pm Wednesday, April 5, 2017

• High Bridge Community — 100 on Dec. 12.

• Valley View Catering — 97 on Feb. 08. Notes: Floors need to be cleaned behind and under equipment. Remove nonessential items from food service area.

• Gumbo YaYa — 94 on March 02. Notes: No test strips available for sanitizer. Ice scoop stored on an unclean surface. Food handler not wearing hair or beard restraint.

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• Kentucky Fried Chicken — 99 on March 02. Notes: Interior shield of ice machine unclean; food pans in opened box on a shelf, dusty (near the back door.)

• Cracker Barrel — 95 on March 02. Notes: Grease on top grease tank and on ground. The interior of prep coolers unclean. A gasket in poor condition on prep cooler door. Floor unclean in dishwashing area.

• Mi Pequena Hacienda — 96 on March 02. Notes: Floor unclean in food prep areas. Water damage to walls in mop sink room. Brooms on the floor when not being used.

• Triple R. Mini Mart — 92 and 99 on food service and retail food on March 07. Notes: Sugar scoop and funnel should be stored outside of a container. Slushie spout in need of cleaning. Salt and pepper in the kitchen and on tables should be kept in food grade container. Pack of sliced turkey out of date, removed during the inspection. Follow-up inspection: Everything corrected except salt and pepper, not in food grade containers.

• Corman’s Cafeteria — 96 on March 09. Notes: Floor unclean in downstairs kitchen storage and upstairs kitchen. Dust build-up on HVAC vents and ceiling tiles in the kitchen. Coffee stirs not dispensed properly. Food prep table shelf unclean.

• Speedway 9330 — 96 and 97 on food service and retail food on March 09. Notes: Pizza trays stored on a dusty shelf at customer area. Light shield missing about three compartment sink. Floor unclean under equipment in kitchen storage area. Shelving rusted in walk-in cooler.

• Connemara Golf — 99 on March 09. Notes: Coffee stirs not dispensed properly.

• Daylight Donuts — 97 on March 09. Notes: Food uncovered in freezer. Cracks in drywall from ceiling to floor ion one wall in the kitchen.

• Speedway 8129 — 99 and 99 on food service and retail food on March 09. Notes: Cabinets unclean under and behind trash cans.

• Subway at Brannon — 99 on March 14. Notes: Floors dirty under shelves and equipment and behind/under three compartment sink and grease traps.

• Big Apple —81 and  95 for food service and retail food on March 16. Notes: Hand sink for kitchen covered with cigarettes (corrected after follow-up.) Sanitizer level below 200 ppm in the three-compartment sink (corrected after follow-up.) Grease on the floor beside fryer. Open drink containers (cups and cans) in the kitchen for employees (corrected after follow-up.) Storage shelves in cabinets and under warmer unit unclean. Heavy dust on the ceiling above grill area. Water heater leaking and outer surface rusted. Food items on shelves dusty. Floor unclean behind ATM. Coffee Stirs not dispensed properly. No thermometer in the retail cooler with butter etc. Lowe’s bucket used for storage of chicken breading — must be food grade container. Floor cluttered in some areas making it difficult to clean.

• Solomon’s Porch — 95 on March 16. Notes: Food storage shelves and food containers unclean. The floor in kitchen unclean and storage area. Lights out in storage area. Thermometer not accurate in walk-in cooler. Shelves unclean in pastry display case.

• La Casa De Jose — 93 on March 16. Notes: No soap at kitchen hand sink. Equipment and prep tables unclean. Floor unclean in the kitchen. Walls unclean near stove and griddle. Ceiling damage from roof leak; grease and dust build-up on the ceiling fan. Interior of coolers unclean. No sanitizer test strips.

• Fat Jacks — 94 and 99 for food service and retail food on spot follow-up on March 16. Notes: Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food. Shelf unclean under prep table. On spot follow up: Discussed proper handling of ready-to-eat foods.

• Jessamine Fast Pitch Softball — 97 on March 17. Notes: Floors dirty and poor repair. Walls and ceilings poor repair, dirty on pipes. Appliances need to be cleaned in corners and shelves.

• China King — 97 on March 23. Notes: Food stored unwrapped in cardboard boxes in the freezer. Cardboard used as shelf liner.

• Subway — 99 on March 23. Notes: Shelves unclean under prep station.

• Eli’s Shell — 94 and 99 for food service and retail food on March 23. Notes: Interior and exterior of equipment unclean — coolers, freezers, cabinets and shelves. Floor unclean in the cooking area, prep area and storage area. Cups, lids and straws stored on floor. Ceiling tiles missing above door walk-in cooler. Thermometer not located in prep cooler and freezer.

• Minit Mart — 93 and 97 for food service and retail food on spot follow-up on March 23. Notes: no towels at the hand sink near the sandwich prep cooler. Aerosol chemical cans stored on shelf next to food trays. Shelves Unclean under food warmer units. Microwave in kitchen unclean on the interior. Boxes of food on the floor in storage room. Urinal out of order, one faucet not working in men’s restroom. Creamer dispenser tubes not cut at a 45-degree angle to allow creamer to empty out of the tube. On spot follow up: Chemicals were moved to the proper location.

• Raising Cane’s — 95 on March 30. Notes: Drain in front of dumpsters not maintained, grease and debris accumulating and will attract flies. Water and debris on floor under beverage machine at drive thru. Interior top of ice machine unclean.

• Firehouse Subs — 98 on March 30. Notes: Dumpster lid and door open; Litter on the ground around dumpster.

• Brookside Elementary — 100 on March 30.

• Nicholasville Elementary — 100 on March 30.