Restaurant inspections published March 16, 2017

Published 5:20 pm Wednesday, March 15, 2017

• Prime Star 7 — 99 on Jan. 30. Notes: Items on floor in walk-in cooler. Floors dirty. Restrooms grate missing. 

• Kroger L-708 —95 on Jan. 31. Notes: Several cooler thermometers not working. Leaking three compartment sink. Floors in three compartment area behind deli equipment dirty. Missing floor grate in walk in deli area. Walls dirty and poor repair in three compartment area. 

• Council Oaks — 99 on Feb. 02. Notes: Cabinet shelves unclean. 

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• J’s Place — 94 on Feb. 02. Notes: Floor unclean under/behind equipment. Bottled drinks stored under plumbing pipe; boxes of food and related items stored on floor. Interior and exterior of coolers and freezers unclean. No toilet tissue in men’s restroom. 

• Asbury University — 95 on Feb. 08. Notes: Paper towels needed at hand sink. Thermometer required in refrigerator. Needs to be 41 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler. Bottom level of Pepsi cooler in need of cleaning. Sink in need of cleaning. 

• Cafe at Chrisman — 98 on Feb. 09. Notes: No food operations until the end of March. Floors poor repair. Light Shield broken in Kitchen. 

• Scott Station Inn Bed and Breakfast — 100 on Feb. 09. 

• Velvet Touch Catering — 100 on Feb. 09.

• Bellaire Creative Christian Academy — 99 on Feb. 09. Notes: Silverware should be stored with handle up. 

• AFC Corp/Sushi — 100 on Feb. 09. 

• La Chiquita — 96 on Feb. 09. Notes: Food and spices in unlabeled bags. Lights out in retail area. No hand towels in restroom. 

• Kroger #766 — 98 on Food Service and 97 on Retail Food on Feb. 09. Notes: Low pressure at hand sink in deli area. Light out in meat department cutting room. No towels at hand sink in meat department cutting room. Light out in freezer in click-list area. 

• EZ Mart and Deli — 91 on Food Service and 90 on Retail Food on Feb. 09. Notes: Hot water faucet handle stripped out on hand sink. Interior of coolers unclean; storage shelves unclean. Ceiling tiles water damaged. Floor unclean under and behind equipment. Sanitizer test strips not located. Thermometer to check cooked food unavailable. Interior of ice machine unclean. Mops and brooms stored at or above door on ice machine. Sink unclean in restroom; no hand washing sign at sink in restroom. Bags of ice not labeled properly — must have store name and address. Two packages of ground beef in freezer appear to be spoiled. Numerous food items on retail shelves with expired date. Food and shelves dusty in retail area. On spot follow up: Spoiled ground beef discarded in trash. Expired food removed from shelves to be discarded.

• Applebee’s — 98 on Feb. 23. Notes Floor drain at dishwashing machine clogged and water pooling on floor. Door gaskets in poor condition preventing proper seal on four-door freezer. Door handles and exterior of equipment unclean. Follow up: The floor drain was unclogged by a plumber. 

• Jessamine Adult Day — 100 on Feb. 23. 

• Domino’s Pizza — 100 on Feb. 23. Notes: Sanitizer not detected in three compartment sink — must maintain level between 200 to 400 ppm for Quatanary Ammonium. On spot follow up: Sanitizer level corrected. 

• Taco Bell — 100 on Feb. 23.