Home to the best medical professional in the state

Published 4:48 pm Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dear editor,

To the readers of the Jessamine Journal, we have the best medical professional in the whole state by the name of Dr. Terry Thoroughman, right here in Nicholasville. When you go to see Dr. Terry, he will proceed to tell what is wrong and goes about treating the symptoms. Unlike most medical professionals, where you tell them what is wrong and they proceed to prescribe the remedies. When calling for an appointment, your call will be answered by Denise, who also is top notch. Dr. Terry has so many remedies for your symptoms, it is just unbelievable. When you go see the great doctor ask to see the “Wall of Fame.” I assure you that you will be impressed. Thank you, Dr. Terry Thoroughman for the care you have given to my family and me for the past thirty-six years. 

Gary Holobek 

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Richmond, Ky