Cutting ribbons, growing opportunities

Published 4:50 pm Wednesday, March 15, 2017

With camera bag over my shoulder, I headed off to three ribbon-cutting events last week. One turned out to be a false alarm, but since it was rescheduled, I will count for my purpose here this week.

Since starting with the Journal last summer, it has been nice to see the number of red ribbons snipped in two by excited business owners or managers. It has also been nice to see their fellow members of the business community show up to support them.

The food was good, too. As I was told.

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The importance of a community supporting local business cannot be overstated. There are a lot of cards stacked in the deck against such businesses being successful. With the entrepreneurial spirit in this country in a chokehold from the tightening grips of economic, social and governmental forces, it seems like many commercial properties—particularly those in downtown areas—change out tenants like a college town apartment complex.

Money spent with local businesses who in turn invest it back into the community is money well spent in my opinion. The service—and especially the food—is usually better anyway.

So I wish the best of luck to all of our newly-opened or revamped businesses here in Jessamine County. And I bid them many, many votes in the Best In Business voting that just closed.

Speaking of the Best in Business campaign, with the voting just having wrapped up, I am looking forward to tallying everything and presenting all of the winners in the March 30 issue of the Jessamine Journal. I have already hired the live entertainment and catering for my victory party on March 30 at the Journal office after I take the honors in the Best Columnist category. I have a feeling that I will regret sneaking all these Cadbury Eggs I have been enjoying into my diet when I get fitted for my victory party tuxedo.

Thanks to everyone who voted this year, and we’ll see who the Best In Jessamine County are on March 30!