Quality of public education threatened by charter schools

Published 6:09 pm Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dear Editor,

Today in Frankfort, one more nail was driven in the coffin of hard working Kentuckians in the way of going after public schools and the future of our county and Commonwealth’s students.

I firmly and fully believe in the Democratic process. We send our legislators to Frankfort to have our issues heard, our concerns made known, and to have the future of our county’s children protected, advanced and grown to its fullest possibility. We didn’t get any of that today, or much at all during this entire session under the GOP leadership.

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What we have experienced instead is a process that works in secret behind closed doors, rushing very complex bills and barring amendments. It’s not the people’s issues that are valued, but rather the issues pushed and favored by the one percent over the concerns of their constituents. It’s a process determinedly against the hard working folks who want to make a living and set their kids up for future success and a life of accomplishment. It’s a process determinedly against single moms juggling two and three jobs worrying about how to afford daycare, and now, the quality of education their kids might have because some big corporate for-profit charter is squeezing the public school out of public money it deserves and needs. This is not just shameful, it’s an outrage!

Representative Kim King and Senator Tom Buford have both contributed to this favoritism for these special interests and turned their backs on blue collar folks that call Jessamine County home, and the Jessamine County Democrats are going to hold them accountable for their votes against our hard working friends and neighbors. And I, as the Vice Chair of the Jessamine County Democratic party, will not be quiet while they go after the middle class, their pay, their right to collectively bargain, and their voice in Frankfort.

Gregory D. Welch

Vice Chair

Jessamine County Democrats