Local attorney selected for Emerge Kentucky program

Published 6:39 pm Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Janet Humphrey Cole of Humphrey Law Office, PLLC in Nicholasville has been selected to be one of 26 Democratic women from across the state to participate in the Emerge Kentucky training program.

Emerge Kentucky, which began in 2009, has recruited and trained 140 women to run for public office via a 70-hour, six-month training program. The 2017 class of which Cole will be a member will consist of 26 recruits from 17 different cities across the Commonwealth.

According to the press release, the non-profit organization’s goal is to prepare its participants to run successful campaigns for local, state, and federal offices. Its curriculum includes training in public speaking, fundraising, campaign strategy, field operations, labor and endorsements, networking, media skills, messaging, and ethics in politics.

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Cole told the Journal that she was introduced to Emerge Kentucky through a friend of hers who was a former director of the program. Cole said that she decided to apply back in November after deciding that it was a move that could be beneficial.

“It’s been a fantastic program for me,” Cole said. “I knew that there’s going to be a lot of benefit from my participation with the group.”

Even though she isn’t sure where or in what capacity her public office involvement will begin, she definitely sees a position in her future once she determines where she can do the most good.

“I want to affect some change,” she said. “I feel compelled to do what I can for my community and for my state, and I feel that is best done through public office.”