McConnell delivers lecture to Asbury students

Published 8:08 pm Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Submitted by Asbury Marketing and Communications Office

Asbury University students, faculty, staff and a few guests heard from Senator Mitch McConnell, Kentucky’s longest-serving senator, and current Senate majority leader, during an academic lecture on Tuesday afternoon.

Speaking in the screen room of Asbury’s state-of-the-art Miller Center for Communication Arts, McConnell gave Asbury students an inside look at the legislative and political process in a lecture titled “A Washington Update — Current Issues.”

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A Christian liberal arts institution located just south of Lexington, Ky., Asbury offers nationally ranked academic programs, vibrant Christian community and outstanding opportunities to engage culture. 

“It makes government much more approachable when you get to meet a high-ranking government official face to face and asks questions yourself and hear stories,” said Rebecca Frazer. “It doesn’t seem so much like civilians versus senators — it reminds us that we’re all part of this democracy, we have a part to play and we can even pursue public service ourselves if we desire.”

During his lecture, McConnell discussed current issues in Washington and took questions from the audience, ranging from prison reform to foreign policy. McConnell, who holds an honorary degree from Asbury, praised the resources Asbury offers.

“My experience has been that Asbury consistently produces bright graduates of high moral standards and excellent preparation,” McConnell said. “It’s a real value added to our state and our nation, and its mission is really important.”

Elijah Lutz, a political science and history major, says the event provided a valuable avenue for students of all political affiliations to become more aware of current events. 

“Now more than ever, political apathy is skyrocketing in college-age students and voters,” Lutz said. “It’s good to have a politician come here and speak to us and give us an update on current events. Whether or not you agree with a politician’s ideas, it’s important to realize that they do what they do for the public good. Public service is for all of us.”