Restaurant Inspections published Feb. 16

Published 9:04 pm Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

• NUMC Kitchen — 99 on Jan. 31. Notes: rubber gasket on door and white panel above circulating water of ice machine in need of cleaning to remove mildew. 

• Daily Donuts — 98 on Jan. 31. Notes: wall and floor in need of cleaning near big mixer. 

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• Walking with Love — 98 on Jan. 30. Notes: freezers in need of defrosting and carpet not allowed. 

• Kroger, Main Street — 97 on Jan. 26. Notes: interior and door channels of deli meat coolers unclean; floor under equipment unclean in deli area; shelves below seafood case unclean and hole in wall in meat department cutting room. 

• Save-A-Lot — 96 on Jan. 26. Notes: ice condensation on inside of freezer, reach-in and walk-in; dumpster lids open and ceiling tiles molded at entrance of storage room.

• Fitch’s IGA — 93 on Jan. 26. Notes: coolers and freezers unclean inside; thermometers not visible in some coolers/freezers; exterior of equipment in kitchen unclean; dumpster lids open; shelves unclean in retail area and men’s restroom sink and toilet unclean. 

• McDonald’s — 97 on Jan. 26. Notes: interior of microwaves unclean; ice condensation frozen on ceiling in walk-in freezer and light shield missing at drive-thru window/back. 

• Red Robin — 100 on Jan. 24. 

• The Potter’s Inn — 99 on Jan. 24. Notes: containers without expectation dates. 

• A Child’s Place — 99 on Jan. 23. Notes: serving bowls with cracks and fissures should be replaced. 

• Jessamine County Extension — 100 on Jan. 20.

• Allstar, Danville Road — 97 on Jan. 24. Notes: some ceiling tiles water stained; finish wall at three-component sink and hang brooms to keep broom heads off of floor. 

• Type A Catering — 100 on Jan. 19. 

• El Potrillo — 91 on Jan. 19. Notes: raw beef being cut and trimmed on top of chest freezer; can opener unclean; light out in cooler near back door; light out above dish machine, nacho warmer and walk-ins; leak from drain pipe under three-component sink; floor unclean in kitchen and bar; HVAC vent coated with dust in bar area; thermometer broken in cooler at bar and ice scoop unclean.

• Francis Asbury Society — 99 on Jan. 19. Notes: store plastic spoons with serving side down.

• East Jessamine Basketball Concessions — 97 on Jan. 19. Notes: thermometer not located in Coke cooler and microwave unclean inside. 

• East Jessamine Football Concessions — 92 on Jan. 19. Notes: need to have thermometers in all coolers and freezers; ice machine unclean inside; freezers and refrigerators unclean on interior and exterior; ice scoop stored in unclean bin; no towels on hand-sink; handsink unclean; heavy dust accumulation on ceiling fans and brooms stored on floor. 

• Great Wall — 98 on Jan. 17. Notes: faucets leaking and equipment unclean. 

• Kids Connection — 99 on Jan. 18. Notes: flickering light needs to be fixed in kitchen.