Jamilyn Hall | Hanley’s BBQ gone, void in N’ville

Published 8:59 pm Wednesday, February 15, 2017

For the past month, I have made several phone calls to my favorite Nicholasville eatery to order lunch. However, their voicemail said they were closed “this week.”

I have been waiting for them to open time and time again so I could indulge in the heavenly smells coming from their parking lot and the sauce dripping from my BBQ sandwich.

On Jan. 13, Hanley’s BBQ closed due to health issues and since then the business has been closed.

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In a private message, Mr. Hanley also said there were other factors behind the closing of the establishment.

Now, Hanley’s BBQ’s Facebook page is gone and so is their business. 

It may sound cliche to say that Nicholasville will now have a void in the restaurant scene without the loaded potato salad, or the amazing BBQ sandwiches and BBQ sauce. There are other BBQ places, but Hanley’s was so great for the community.

The fundraising in the county will for sure be lacking with the closing of Hanley’s.

Hanley’s gave to a different charity, ministry or struggling individual, every Thursday.

With Hanley’s BBQ’s closing, a little more faith and fundraising is gone from this community. But what can the community do?

Though there are many establishments that do give back, like J’s Place, who picks a community organization once a month to give back to, there is still a small hole in the philanthropy in Jessamine County.

Restaurant owners, it is time to step up and give back to the community that you thrive upon. 

And community members, it is crucial to eat locally. Why? To support local businesses who give back.

At the end of the day, Hanley’s philanthropy and loaded potato salad will be greatly missed — at least my this loyal customer.