Restaurant inspections published Jan. 19

Published 4:47 pm Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

• European Food Mart — 100 on Dec. 6. 

• Rite Aid — 97 on Dec. 2. Notes: floor in need if cleaning under shelves in cooler; keep drinks off floor in cooler; dumpster area in need of cleaning to remove trash and debris from ground. 

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• Pioneer College Caterers — 97 on Dec. 1. Notes: wooden top on push cart in poor condition; dust on wall in bakery area; large square cooking container in poor condition; lower shelf unclean in pot and pan area; shield on interim of ice machine unclean; shelves below serving line in center court unclean and demo area; door on walk-in freezer not sealing properly causing a build-up of frozen condensation on food containers. 

• Asbury University Bistro — 98 on Dec. 1. Notes: coffee stirs not dispensed properly; doors and handles on coolers unclean. 

• Asbury Coffee Shop — 93 on Dec. 1. Notes: no disposable towels for hand drying – using cloth towels; personal belongings stored with equipment; cups and cup sleeves stored on floor in storage room; no thermometer in ice cream freezer in storage room. 

• Cartown Cafe — 97 on Dec. 1. Notes: no sanitizer detected in sanitizer bucket; cloth towel used under food warming unit; wooden shelves not painted or sealed.