Letter to the Editor | Court action in transgender case against religious values

Published 5:19 pm Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dear Editor,

Jamilyn Hall states that the Court of Appeals correctly ruled that transgender students can use the restroom of the opposite sex from which they were born. This is quite a harmful and dreadful ruling. Let’s look at her reasoning. 

It’s been happening for years in a more exclusive manner, Does this make it right? Rape has been happening for years, and no one would say it is right. 

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They are an oppressed minority and suffer sexual violence. So this is an argument to legalize it? 

But the harm is on the other side. What kind of trauma will females have if a male comes into the locker room and strips down to shower with them? What about if a female strips down in a guy’s locker room while they are undressed? Many will be embarrassed; others will naturally react with lust, as men are turned on by sight. 

Where’s the idea of privacy? We do have privacy laws and a right to privacy. There is also something called indecent exposure, which this is.

This goes against religious values. Most world religions are not ok with nudity in public with the opposite sex or before marriage.

This also goes against the findings of The American College of Pediatricians. They call it child abuse to not use the genetic markers they are born with—xy and xx chromosomes. You can read more about it at their website http://bit.ly/21nAwdF and also on many other sites that quote them.

I am sorry to see such journalism in the Journal. I expect it of the major media outlets, but not here.


Brad Bigam