Restaurant inspections published Jan. 12

Published 4:40 pm Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

• Fiesta Mexico – 91 on Dec. 29. Notes: work on violations until next inspection.  

• Bethel Early Learning — 98 on Dec. 29. Notes: plastic housing broken inside refrigerator, refrigerator and freezer unclean inside. 

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• Rite Aid — 98 on Dec. 29. Notes: retail display on ground near dumpster. 

• Bridgepointe — 99 on Dec. 29. Notes: interior and exterior of equipment unclean; can opener and sleeve unclean.

• European Delight — 94 on Dec. 29. Notes: coffee stirs not dispensed properly; restroom doors not self-closing; shelves unclean under counter and walk-in freezer no sanitizer test strips. 

• Sonny’s B.B.Q. — 99 on Dec. 28. Notes: repair/replace two shelves.

• Penn Station — 95 on Dec. 28. Notes: termometers, all units; dumpster doors open, large amount go trash on ground; door handles and equipment, not clean. 

• Waffle House — 97 on Dec. 28. Notes: dumpster doors open, debris on ground; floors and under, behind the equipment, shelves, etc., hard to get behind. 

• Subway of Wilmore — 98 on Dec. 28. Notes: proper lid on dumpster. 

• Five Star – Newcomb Oil — 97 on Dec. 21. Notes: paper products on floor in storage; proper hair restraints should be worn by all food handlers. 

• Big City Pizza — 97 on Dec. 21. Notes: proper hair restraints should be worn by all food handlers; doors,equipment, white cart, etc. — not clean. 

• Zaxby’s — 97 on Dec. 21. Notes: equipment, containers, doors, carts, etc., not clean; grease on ground at rear mop sink, debris on ground at dumpster. 

• Jessamine Youth Football — 99 on Dec. 14. Notes: wall in poor repair. 

• Edible Arrangements — 97 on Dec. 20. Notes: prep sink and front prep cooler need to be cleaner; soap need at front hand sink. 

• Hallorosa — 100 on Dec. 13. 

• Children’s Choice — 100 on Dec. 6. 

• Childcare Network — 99 on Dec. 7. Notes: Expiration dates needed on labels. 

• Slice of Brooklyn Pizza — 98 on Dec. 12. Notes: equipment, door handles, etc – not clean; gap under rear door. 

• Keene Run Golf Club — 96 on Dec. 12. Notes: remove foil shelf liner and use clean shelves; ceiling poor repair from leak in roof; need self closing doors in all rest rooms. 

• Burger King — 98 on Dec. 12. Notes: some equipment with buildup and plastic cart not clean; floors – under and behind equipment – especially in back around mop sink need to be cleaned. 

• Champion Trace — 97 on Dec. 12. Notes: covered can for women’s restroom and restroom downstairs not clean; remove foil shelf liners and use clean shelves. 

• Isaacs Express Mart — 98 on Dec. 12. Notes: test papers needed. 

• Euro Wino Bar — 98 on Dec. 9. Notes: wall needs to be cleaned behind pizza counter; finish repairing wall around sink; exhaust fan to be cleaned; floor in need of repair; replace cloth reg by back door. 

• WJHS Field-house — 96 on Dec. 8. Notes: coolers and freezers unclean inside; shield inside ice machine unclean; microwave unclean inside; no thermometer in freezer or coke cooler by microwave; spray bottle not labeled; sanitizer and test strips must be kept in concession for use during every event. 

• WJHS Basketball Concession — 98 on Dec. 8. Notes: no thermometer in coke cooler; sanitizer and test strips must be kept in concession for use during every event. 

• Red Oak Elementary — 100 on Dec. 8. 

• Hardees — 98 on Dec. 7. Notes: keep wiping towel buckets off floor; paper sandwich wraps on floor in storage. 

• Wah Mei — 100 on Dec. 7. 

• WJMS Feild-house — 93 on Dec. 7. Notes: sanitizer test papers, sanitizer; don’t leave garbage in cans inside building; empty after each use; hand towels for hand wash sink; ice scoop buried in ice – store out of ice machine. 

• WJMS — 100 on Dec. 7. 

• Rosenwald Dunbar Elementary — 100 on Dec. 7.