Wilmore family center in need of funds

Published 1:21 pm Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A local mother has made the commitment to be a resource for other families in the community.

After a few years of hosting play groups in Wilmore, Tara Hall — mother of a special needs child and two sets of twins — said it became her dream to be able to serve the community in the form of a family center.

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That dream has become a reality. Hall currently reaches around 40 families a month through The Family Center, Wilmore’s Meeting Place and Resource Library.

Besides running The Family center, Hall also has a family of her own. She has five children: twin 16-year-olds, a 9-year-old and twin 4-year-olds, and home-schools her children. 

“My children are my inspiration for The Family Center and my family, just like others, benefits from our programming and the unique support our community provides,” Hall said. “Our baby-wearing and breastfeeding support was born out of my experience especially with the last set of twins, and my desire to walk with others on the same journey.”

The center has been open for two years. During that time, it has been moved to four different locations. It now resides at its permanent home at 334 E. Main Street in Wilmore.

The Family Center has weekly and monthly meet-ups ranging from Special Needs Parenting Support to play groups for children of all ages and needs.

“Most people come in twice a month,” Hall said. “Or when they are in need of new information or suggestions regarding a different stage of development in their family’s life.”

The events are free, but donations are suggested. Currently, it takes around $1,000 a month to operate the center ran by Hall. 

“We receive around $160 a month on donations,” Hall said. “So, the family center is the Hall’s’ gift to the community.”

That gift can only go so far. Hall said her family can only support the center until June of next year. If more donations are not received by then, the center would have to close down.

The Family Center is there for emotional and physical support. They provide information oriented groups, fostering and adoption support, working parent playgroups, clothing, bottles, formula, resource books and more.

“The center is going to be what Wilmore wants it to be,” Hall said. “Currently there are four weekly meetings and four monthly meetings that are grouped purposely to serve the most obvious needs of our community. But there is still room for growth.”