The case of the missing Gingerbread people

Published 12:14 pm Wednesday, December 14, 2016

He’s five years old, tan, made from dough and his nickname is “Gingerbread Man.” He is among many others who were last seen at The Early Learning Village in Nicholasville.

Students from Erin Filiatreau’s and Amanda Trent’s Kindergarten classes spoke with two police officers and one detective from the Nicholasville Police Department on Wednesday about a few missing gingerbread men and women from their classrooms.

Detective, Autumn Howard, took pictures and searched for evidences at both crime scenes. Caution tape was put up for a sequence and crumb trail left in Trent’s classroom.

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The case — an activity to make learning fun for students with math, reading and other various learning topics intertwined with the gingerbread theme — is still ongoing.

“The police are actively searching for more clues, and hope to find the missing gingerbread people,” said Gina Bernard, principal of The Early Learning Village.