Restaurant Inspections published Dec. 15

Published 9:50 am Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

• East Jessamine High Cafe — 97 on Nov. 16. Notes: door handles and etc.; covered waste can in restroom.

• Asbury Theological Seminary Cafe — 100 on Nov. 16.

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• Frisch’s — 95 on Nov. 9. Notes: all food handlers need proper hair restraints; equipment door handles; dishwasher not working.

• Jessamine Early Learning Village — 100 on Nov. 10.

• McDonald’s — 96 on Nov. 10. Notes: water leak under three-compartment sink; grease leak on grease wand and shelf below; lid cracked on fry hopper; coffee creamer machine unclean around dispenser.

• Nicholasville Pit Stop/Andrews — 96 on Nov. 10. Notes: coffee stirs not dispensed properly; nozzles on cappuccino machine unclean; light shield missing in beer cave; sink unclean in restroom; thermometer not in visible location in chest freezer; shield inside ice machine unclean.

• Bakery Outlet — 97 on Nov. 10. Notes: light shield missing in storage room; restroom door not self closing.

• Culvers — 94 on Nov. 9. Notes: numerous wiping towels scattered on counters; keep dumpsters closed; covered waste can in employees restroom needed; label all food not in original container.

• Wesley Village — 98 on Nov. 9. Notes: keep wiping towels in sanitizer when not in use; can opener — clean daily.

• Dollar General (7822) — 98 on Nov. 9. Notes: large amount of trash, litter and debris around building or ground.