Restaurant Inspections published Nov. 24

Published 11:26 am Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

• Gourmet Goodies — 95 on Oct. 13. Notes: pork freezer over-frosted inside, Coke cooler unclean on inside bottom shelf, sanitizer level above 200 ppm (chlorine) in 3 compartment sink (keep between 50 and 100 ppm), food handlers not wearing hair restraints.

• Copper River Grill — 91 on Oct. 13. Notes: interior and exterior of equipment unclean, water on floor behind dessert cooler; grease on floor under fryers, HVAC vents unclean above grill and prep area, dumpster door open and lids in poor condition, light out in meat and beer cooler, condensation drain pipe broken and water on floor in bar area, beverage dispenser and nozzles unclean in bar area, sinks unclean in bar area. 

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• BG Sportsmen League — 97 on Oct. 10. Notes: dirty ceiling tiles, remove paint and chemicals from center island area. 

• Asuka Steakhouse and Sushi — 99 on Oct. 12. Notes: keep towels in sanitizer and track sanitizer levels. 

• Giovanni’s — 98 on Oct. 12. Notes: self-closing doors in restrooms needed. 

• Heartland Academy — 100 on Oct. 6. 

• Dairy Queen — 92 on Oct. 6. Notes: no towels at Kitchen hand-sink, prep tables and exterior/interior of equipment unclean, floor in poor condition and unclean in kitchen. light out under grill hood, food handler not wearing hair restraint in prep area, water leak on mop sink faucet. 

• Wal Mart — 99 on Oct. 6. Notes: 3 comp sink in Meat Dept. not currently used since no meat is cut in meat dept. 

• Taqueria Garcia — 97 on Oct. 6. Notes: chemical spray bottles moved to proper location.

• Papa Johns —96 on Oct. 5. Notes: covered can for women’s restroom, thermometers — all cooling and freezing units and working meat thermometer. 

• Circle K (3248) — 96 on Oct. 5. Notes: urinal out of service, keep dumpster doors closed, glass shield over hot dogs and donut case. 

• The Sweet Shoppe — 93 on Oct. 5. Notes: keep rear door closed or install proper fan or screen door, proper hair restraints, store paper products off floor, dumpster door open and lot of debris on ground. 

• Dixie Cafe — 100 on Oct. 5.