Howard Coop | Through prayer and good people life can be better

Published 9:47 am Wednesday, November 16, 2016

For some time I have dealt with a health problem, retention of fluid. The physician calls it congestive heart failure. 

On a Thursday night, I began to develop signs of bronchitis and a bad rattle in my chest. Sleep was difficult. The next morning, the scales showed a sharp weight gain, and I was reasonably sure what the problem was. That weekend was not pleasant.

On Tuesday morning, I had an appointment to go to the laboratory for some blood work. There, I met two pleasant ladies who took care of things in an orderly, professional, and pleasant way.

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After the appointment was over, I went next door to the doctor’s office. Again, in that office, I was met by a staff composed of wonderful people. Without an appointment, I sat down to wait and wait to see the doctor. I waited almost a minute until a door opened, and I was called. 

After a warm greeting, I was diagnosed, some medicine dosages were changed, and new medications were prescribed. Then, I was sent back to the laboratory for a chest x-ray. 

Since I had been there a few minutes earlier, the lady was surprised, but she took me to a room and took an x-ray.

I started to leave, but she placed her hand on my shoulder and said, “May we have a prayer with you?” 

A little surprised, I said, “What did you say?”  Again she said, “May we have a prayer with you?”And I responded, “I thought that was what you said! By all means, do so.”  She called the other lady from the lab and, each of them placing a hand on my shoulders, prayed sincerely with gratitude, petition, and assurance. When they said, “Amen,” I rose and thanked them sincerely. 

I left that office to face a brighter and more beautiful day, with the confident assurance that through the knowledge of a good doctor, the healing power of medicine, the encouragement of good friends, and the power of prayer, life can be better.