Billy Holland | Choosing to reconcile and work together

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The election is finally over and of course there many people that are disappointed and yes, sadly we are still divided. However, if we could just try and work together, we can all benefit from the results of unity. The archaic definition of agree is closely connected to the word symphony, and if you are familiar with the orchestra, you can definitely appreciate the importance of teamwork and being in one accord. Currently as a nation, we seem to be in that place where the musicians are warming up and everyone is playing on their own without any consideration for others. Which, by the way, creates a chaotic noise that reminds me of some type of torture. Anyway, it is such a relief to see the conductor step to the podium and raise his baton. Everything becomes silent and all eyes are focused on him. Then with his gentle and precise direction, unity produces a glorious sound.

We know that talent, organization and being willing to cooperate with others always makes a significant difference. We are also reminded that one individual can only do so much, but there is no limit to what can be accomplished when we decide to work together. This principle does not only apply to the natural world but also to the spiritual realm. As Jesus taught that when we are willing demonstrate unity, we are helping others see and believe in God. He said in John 17:21, “That they all may be one; as thou Father art in me and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.” No, we will not agree on everything, but if we will take the initiative to forgive and become determined to have an open mind, we can enjoy a peaceful life and maybe learn something along the way. 

There is nothing the devil fears more than when God’s people pray in unity. Spiritual power is multiplied when we come together and is another important reason that Christians are called to assemble. Jesus encourages us with this scripture found in Matthew 18:19 that refers to agreeing and being unified. “Again I tell you that if two of you on earth shall agree about anything you ask for; it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.” He is relaying the message of heaven that anything is possible when we focus on the task at hand and believe in faith. It’s the dark-side that is dedicated to creating and promoting strife and we can see that he has done a fairly good job in our country. Our enemy realizes that if he can keep us fighting against each other, the level of discord will continue to escalate and will make it more difficult to recognize God’s love. It’s time to reach out to one another and reconcile our differences and when we do, we can walk in the safety and joy of His presence.

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Two ranchers whose properties were next to each other, were having fierce disagreements about an old barbed-wire fence that represented the boundary lines. Each landowner was convinced the other one was cheating, and it did not help that the maps and real estate records were confusing. The conflict had escalated to the point where they would not even permit their families to speak to each other. Finally, after years of nasty accusations and hard feelings, one of the ranchers thought this had become foolish and made the humbling trip over to his neighbor’s house. When he pulled up, the neighbor stepped outside and demanded a reason for the visit. The apologetic rancher said me and my men will move that fence wherever you want it because I’ve had enough of this quarreling and I want us to be friends again. The neighbor just stood there and his heart began to soften, to which he finally said, why don’t we just leave it where it is? They shook hands and the problem was solved. “If it be possible, as much as you can, live peaceably with all people” Romans 12:18. 

Dr. Holland lives in Central Kentucky with his wife Cheryl, where he is a Christian author, outreach minister and community chaplain. To learn more visit: