Jamilyn Hall | Give Trump a chance

Published 3:06 pm Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Every four years someone loses and someone wins — this has been the way of our democracy since George Washington. But this year some of the 44 percent, who didn’t get what they wanted, have seemed even more sore than previous elections. 

To be honest, I voted for Hillary Clinton. I didn’t care for either one, but I have not complained about the outcome as my fellow social media counterparts. And I have a reason.

Whether or not one agrees with Donald Trump’s views or his way of thinking, he is the President Elect. The people and the Electoral College spoke, and he will be our nation’s leader — case and point. 

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President Elect Trump will lead our nation, and Republicans and Democrats need to come together and respect that; just as respect was shown for President Obama for the last eight years.

Yes this election was one for the books, but crying and threatening to move out of the country because Trump won will not do anything for our nation. 

Let’s say Trump is the worst President ever. This could happen, but we still have to respect him. After all,  voters are 18 years of age and older — we should start acting like it. 

If that doesn’t change your mind, just ask yourself and your neighbors, “Is this the America we want to be known for? An America that breaks windows at Republican Headquarters, questions the Electoral College and threatens to move out of the country?”

We should all come together as Americans who are optimistic, willing to fight for a better tomorrow and hopeful that the President Elect will fight for us as he did his own campaign. 

Four years is too long to think in a negative way. So instead of moving to Canada, just remember that local government controls your local schools, transit, water supply, waste and sewage disposal, public health surveys of restaurants, fire and police, not the president. 

Give Trump a chance. Obama had support of the republicans and now its the democrats turn.