Letter from the Editor | Thanking those who fought for our freedom

Published 11:25 am Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I have enjoyed many freedoms my entire life. They range from simple decisions such as choosing what I want to eat for lunch, to larger life-changing choices, including my decision to go to college and pursue a career in writing. Many of us enjoy these freedoms on a daily basis, but they may not exist without the men and women who were willing to fight for them. 

Over the years, freedom has come at a heavy price for many people. Some soldiers come home plagued by nightmares of war, while others return missing pieces of themselves mentally and physically. There are those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives on the battlefield, and those families paid a price as well because they will never see that loved one again. I admire the bravery of the many men and women who are willing to sacrifice another day with their families for the freedom of this country. I am proud to say I had a veteran in my own family. My grandfather Eugene Baker fought in the Korean War. Unlike some of his fellow soldiers he made it home, and raised several children, and even got to meet a few of his grandchildren. He died of a heart attack several years ago. 

I am guilty of getting so caught up in my daily routine that I don’t always acknowledge the many freedoms I have.

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My life is full of decisions because many made their own decision to fight for this country, for the people who live here and for the freedoms we enjoy every day.

I am proud to have the opportunity to commemorate Veterans Day with the staff at the Jessamine Journal by serving free doughnuts and coffee to Veterans who have, and are currently serving our country. 

Thank you to all those who have fought for freedom — men, women and animals alike.