Billy Holland | Seeing the world from a more positive perspective

Published 11:36 am Wednesday, November 9, 2016

For those of us who are a little older, we can look back and see how the world has changed.

Some say the human race is born with a corrupt nature, and others are convinced there is an evil enemy that works hard to influence us over to the dark side. Both of these views may be true, but whatever the case, there is much anxiety today about what is happening and where we are headed. Change is a powerful word that can be good or bad, and is closely associated with the decision-making process within our mind. We hear the commercial, “change your apartment – change the world,” which seems to make a mockery of freewill, but instead of trying to be funny, we should be serious about how changing the way we think will change who we are.

In the midst of worry and concern for this country and our family’s future, there are several bright lights of good news. Like you, I gather information from all types of media sources but I grow weary with constantly hearing how bad everything is. Allow me to ask; do we really need to be bombarded with negativity and insinuations that the world is falling apart at the seams? It would be refreshing to be reassured that all is not lost and we can make as much difference in the world as we choose.

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Perspective is another key word to consider because it allows us to discern and think carefully about what has been said. When someone relays a story, we should remember they are relaying a view of what they personally believe. For example, when we hear that no one can be trusted and how society is evolving into a mass of mindless zombies, we should realize this is a “glass half empty” view of the world. Actually, there are many kind-hearted and loving individuals that are demonstrating incredible acts of generosity.

Each day, we rise and maneuver our way through the daily grind while walking the tight rope of staying informed and trying to keep our sanity at the same time. However, let us be reminded that if we are going to allow ourselves to be an information sponge, we should be careful how we interpret what we absorb. I am not saying our world does not have problems, but we should also not burn down the forest as a way to get rid of poison ivy. All people are not corrupt, all of the next generation is not ruined and we should not just give up and go sit on top of a mountain! No matter what our government decides, we still have a spiritual mission as our hands fit the hammer and shovel just as they always have. There is a big difference between spectators that do a lot of talking and participators that spend their time and energy trying to make a positive difference.

Our last word is discernment. There are so many different ideas, but as Christians, we should be sensitive enough to know what is right and wrong. Let us stop and consider the danger of being brainwashed with negativity. God is not confused or deceptive, He is not a manipulator or a liar. He never fails. He is perfect absolute Truth, He has all the answers, and the closer we are to Him the more we will all see eye to eye. I recently heard a story about 8-year-old Taylor Henry in Bossier Louisiana. She was deeply moved by the devastation from the recent flooding in her state and after hearing a message in Church about having mercy for others, she was inspired to help. Little Taylor came up with the idea of sewing beautiful tissue holders and leading a fundraiser that has now generated thousands of dollars.

Maybe instead of pointing out all the people that do not care, we could start identifying and appreciating those who do. There have always been hateful, selfish and despicable people but be encouraged; the darkness of sin can never conquer the eternal light of sincere love and compassion.

Dr. Holland lives in Central Kentucky with his wife Cheryl, where he is a Christian author, minister and community chaplain. To learn more visit: