Election Preview | Congress

Published 4:46 pm Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2nd District

The Jessamine Journal received no response from S. Brett Guthrie.

6th District 

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 Discuss your interest in serving as the U.S. Representative in Congress, 6th District.

BARR: I ran for Congress for a cause – to save America from bankruptcy, restore the American Dream and keep the American people safe and secure. I have never stopped fighting for these principles. Now more than ever, it is critical for central and eastern Kentuckians to have a strong, proven, and accountable leader representing them in Congress.

KEMPER: This campaign is a natural extension of my life’s work to heal what’s broken in our society and mend what’s torn in our institutions. Washington, D.C. isn’t working for the people of Kentucky, and my opponent is more dedicated to helping the big banks who fund his career than looking out for his own constituents. I’m running to offer real solutions for Kentuckians, to ensure that we all enjoy the right to lead healthy lives with opportunities for economic success.

What do you perceive as the three most important concerns facing the 6th District?

BARR:  Protecting our national security, creating the conditions for private sector jobs and economic growth, and fighting the growing epidemic of drug abuse in our communities are what the people of the Sixth District have told me are their top concerns.  I work every day with these priorities in mind.  And as the Representative of central and eastern Kentucky – it is critical that I advocate for our signature industries such as bourbon distilling, thoroughbred horse racing, car manufacturing, and Kentucky coal – and the thousands of Kentuckians they employ.

KEMPER: The 6th district includes some of the poorest counties in the United States. We need a representative who understands the struggles that our poor families face, rather than a representative who blames the poor for their own poverty and who wants to cut our social safety nets. We need to raise the minimum wage to cover the cost of living, we need to protect Social Security and Medicare, and we need to protect consumers from being defrauded and taken advantage by the same financial industry that funds my opponent’s career in Washington.