Letter to the Editor | Russ Meyer is trustworthy, dependable and keeps his promises 

Published 12:17 pm Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dear Editor,

Russ Meyer keeps his promises. Whether serving as mayor of Nicholasville or as a member of Kentucky’s House of Representatives, I have found Rep. Meyer to be trustworthy and dependable.

For example, in February 2015, I contacted Rep. Meyer to ask him to support a bill that was coming before the House in support of the Kentucky Teacher Retirement System. We talked about the importance of ensuring a robust and solvent teacher retirement system to fulfill the commonwealth’s promise to its teachers and to attract the best possible teachers to our public schools. Rep. Meyer pledged his continuing support of teachers, public education, and the retirement system and even invited me to sit with him on the House floor on the night of the vote. I had a front-row seat to his favorable vote on the bill, which passed the House floor that very night. Throughout his term as State Representative for District 39, Rep. Meyer has consistently pushed for adequate funding for public schools and for the state’s retirement obligations and I am confident that he will continue to do so.

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I share this example to highlight Russ Meyer’s accessibility to his constituents and his unwavering commitment to Kentucky educators and public education. During my terms as superintendent of Jessamine County Schools, Mayor Russ Meyer was a faithful partner to our schools and our community. He collaborated with the school district and the sheriff’s department to launch the first School Resource Officer (SRO) program in the county, putting Nicholasville Police Department officers in every middle and high school in the district. 

He frequently engaged with schools and classrooms to share his experiences with our students. 

Russ Meyer cares deeply for our community and its children and I am proud to write this letter in support of a man who keeps his promises.

Lu Young