Billy Holland | Stay focused – there is much work to do

Published 3:00 am Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I’m sure you have noticed there is not a shortage of opinions about this election. Even Facebook is blowing up with our family and friends expressing their personal thoughts. It seems this election has not only revealed more about what we believe politically, but it has also opened some new philosophical and religious views. I have wondered over the years just how many people actually have a clue about politics, (I do not) and the more I listen to the avalanche of viewpoints, the more it proves that very few do. As we move forward, we evolve into a deeper, more complex legal system, and this partially explains why our government is becoming more difficult to understand.

These expanding social laws are at the center of a political war, and both sides are in a frenzy to see who will have the opportunity to enforce their convictions upon the masses. The Republican and Democrat chasm is considered a science, and to be honest, in defense of the average intelligence, it is very difficult to comprehend. There are reasons why things are the way they are, and we would presume this would be relatively easy to figure out, but it is not. Wouldn’t it bring such a refreshing wave of peace to witness a bi-partisan unity that hopefully would help eliminate much of the strife and confusion?

With all the issues and topics that are being discussed and debated, maybe there are so many different views because there are so many levels of understanding. If we are only receiving our information from the media monster, then maybe this explains why we do not know what is really going on. Maybe the political machine has designed it this way so that charismatic politicians can hide behind the smoke and mirrors. On top of this, we have a group of voters that could care less what happens as long as they are allowed to live free and do whatever they want. Then let us include another significant section that could care less about the moral convictions of the candidates as long as they are guaranteed financial support. By the way, this slice alone contains enough votes to influence an election, and is a sobering reminder of how someone can purchase the masses with the power of money.

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I realize that religious ideals are widespread, but could it be the real disagreements are simply between those who are serious about Christian principals and those who are not? Yes, there are many different measures of devotion but generally speaking it will always come down to those who have a passionate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ and are committed to obey what is important to God. Individuals who are not Christians or those who do not follow the Bible are much more likely to be indoctrinated by the system of the world because they simply do not include His thoughts within their views. We are witnessing a tug-of-war between older conservative warriors and the rising of a generation of progressive liberal thinkers, and if the latter become the majority (and maybe they already are) they will rule according to an aggressive secular agenda and will further strive to establish a humanistic environment. 

As Christians, we have been called to pray and vote because this directly effects the way we live. No matter what happens in a couple of weeks, let us prepare our heart now to become even more faithful and diligent to our mission than ever before. We realize that when mankind develops and follows his own way of governing, he will always become entangled within his own foolishness, which no doubt describes our current condition. Nevertheless, we represent a spiritual government and a kingdom that is not from this world, and we have been commissioned to reach out with compassion and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus. Be encouraged, and remember the Lord already knows the future and He is not afraid, depressed or panicking. God is in total control! Keep trusting in Christ and stay focused, there is much work to do. 

Dr. Holland lives in Central Kentucky with his wife Cheryl, where he is a Christian outreach minister, counselor and community chaplain. To learn more visit: