Restaurant Inspections published October 13

Published 3:10 pm Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

• Rolling Oven — 89 on Sept. 29. Notes: no thermometers in freezers; interior of freezers unclean; no test strips for sanitizer tabs; no light in storage room; mop and broom stored on floor; storage room walls not sealed or painted; pizza boxes stored on floor in storage room; bare wood floors in from of restrooms; firewood stacked on bare wood surface.

• Raising Canes — 97 on Sept. 22. Notes: mildew on interior of ice machine; dumpster door open.

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• Bob Evans — 98 on Sept. 28. Notes: no tissue paper in men’s restroom; women’s restroom door to be self-closing.

• Panera Bread — 98 on Sept. 28. Notes: proper hair restraints should be used for all food handlers.

• Solomon’s Porch — 95 on Sept. 22. Notes: counters and shelves unclean in coffee machine areas; floor unclean under and around equipment; door market not sealing properly on prep cooler at front counter; water leak from copper fitting on back of ice machine; door lighting in storage area in front of walk-in cooler.

• La Casa de Jose — 96 on Sept. 22. Notes: grease on wall and floor in fryer and stove area; cooler and freezers unclean on inside; no sanitizer test strips available.

• Firehouse — 94 on Sept. 22. Notes: need thermometer in prep coolers; water pooled up inside of prep cooler; brooms stored on floor when not in use; ice scoop holder rusted at bottom contacting scoop; floor unclean under equipment in prep/storage area.

• Red Robin — 100 on Sept. 28.

• Holiday Inn Express — 100 on Sept. 28. Notes: keep log of warmer, coolers and freezers.

• Subway — 97 on Sept. 21. Notes: leaks at 3 comp. sink; dumpster door open.

• Subway at Brannon — 98 on Sept. 28. Notes: women’s restroom out of service.

• Speedway 9330 — 97 on Sept. 14. Notes: covered can for women’s restroom; clean outs on drains, need caps/covers behind building. 

• Family Dollar  #10425 — 97 on Sept. 14. Notes: trash on ground around dumpster; paper towels on floor in backroom and on display floor. 

• Speedway #8129 — 94 on Sept. 14. Notes: need covered waste can in women’s restroom; floors under counters, equipment, etc; counters, shelves around food equipment bottoms of cabinets under trash cans, etc; paper products on floor in backroom; water heater leaking.

• Yogi Mogli — 95 on Sept. 14. Notes: dumpster door open, trash on ground; labeled foods not in original containers or fresh-made food products; thermometers need to be used on all units.

• Minit Mart — 91 on Sept. 14. Notes: numerous paper/plastic products on floor; counters, door handles, equipments, etc. not clean; keep mops and brooms off floor; wiping towels on counter, not in sanitizer; numerous water cases and soft drink cases on floor; thermometer needed in cooler.

• M&P BP — 95 on Sept. 22. Notes: bags of vegetables discarded in trash and freezer, replaced with new freezer; hand-sink stocked with soap and towels now used by food handlers.

• Triple R Mini Mart — 100 on Sept. 21. 

• Domino’s — 96 on Sept. 1. Notes: out of hands at hand sink; sanitizer solution in 3 component sink too strong; some flies observed in building. 

• Kroger — 92 on Aug. 1. Notes: thermometers needed in sushi cooler and chicken display cooler; floors dirty behind and under equipment in dish room, deli and walk-in freezers; walls behind equipment dirty, open ceiling tiles; paper towel dispenser broken at deli; plumbing leaking under 3-comp; lights out in deli near cooking area.

• Kentucky Fried Chicken — 100 on Sept. 8.

• Taco Bell — 98 on Sept. 8. Notes: no thermometers in two freezers.

• Daylight Donuts — 100 on Sept. 8.

• Bellaire Christian Academy — 99 on Sept. Notes: light out in hall above freezer.

• Eli’s Shell — 95 on Sept. 15. Notes: grease on floor under grill and other equipment; shelves unclean under counter; wooden shelves not painted or stained; brooms stored on floor when not in use; toilet running in men’s restroom. 

• Sonic #4440 — 95 on Sept. 15. Notes: lights dim in men’s public restroom; floor unclean under equipment and in walk-in freezer; inside of coolers and freezers unclean; HVAC vents rusted and pain peeling. 

• Ichiban Buffett — 88 on Sept. 15. Notes: foods not labeled in walk-in cooler; food stored in single-use containers; wiping cloths not kept in sanitizer. 

• Mi Pequena Hacienda — 100 on Sept. 1.

• Save A Lot — 98 on Sept. 1. Notes: need thermometers in coolers. 

• Applebee’s — 93 on Sept. 1. Notes: thermometers not located in prep station coolers and freezers; water drip from ceiling around HVAC vent near walk-in cooler; HVAC vent rusted and mildew on surface; frozen condensate on cooling unit in beer cooler; floor tiles missing under dishwashing machine and after pooled on floor; floor unclean under equipment in bar area; towel dispenser not operating in bar area; water dripping from all HVAC vents in center of building around bar. 

• Bellacino’s — 99 on Sept. 1. Notes: can opener and holder unclean.

• West Jessamine High — 98 on Sept. 1. Notes: condensation water on floor under steam oven; window sill unclean on front wall near dishwasher.