Lt. Governor pays a visit to Wilmore

Published 5:20 pm Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kentucky Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton visited Wilmore Tuesday, to support Robert L. Gullette III in his campaign for State Representative against the current seat holder Russ Meyer.

“We have had numerous members of the Kentucky House here like, Rep. Jerry Miller from Louisville, and a couple of others. It just so happens that the Lt. Governor has agreed to come as well,” Gullette said.

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Hampton visited Jessamine County to fundraise for Gullette’s campaign and bring awareness of flipping the House of Representatives.

“The Lt. Governor can certainly speak for herself, but it is my understanding that most Republicans are very much in favor of the situation where the house of representatives would flip,” Gullette said.

The reason Hampton wants to flip the house is simply because she is tired of politics in Frankfort, Gullette said.

“The best example of this is the current pension crisis that the Commonwealth is going through,” he said. “A study came out that showed Kentucky has the number one worst funded pension in the country. Thats a problem that I am confident the liberal Democrats will try to pin on some Republican somewhere, but they really need to own that problem exclusively for their own because they have held power for the majority of the last 95 years for the house.”

The pension crisis was a problem created by the Democrats and we simply just want to fix it, Gullette said.

“If the house does not flip, the Democrats have simply not shown any motivation to get that done,” Gullette said. “We desperately want to get that done so we can better the Commonwealth.”

Hampton is one of those people who you look up to, Gullette said. She has every reason to not have succeeded but did.

“She really is an inspiration for women,” Gullette said.