Billy Holland | Criticism only causes more negativity, focus passions on God instead

Published 10:51 am Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Like most of you, I watch, listen and read my share of the daily news and I am noticing a perplexing phenomenon happening right before our very eyes concerning the upcoming election.

Sadly, we realize that all campaigns are composed of arguing and trading nasty rhetoric for the purpose of making the opponent look bad, but I want us to think for a moment about the spirit of deception, not only among the political parties, but in the voters as well.

When I refer to being deceived, you notice I call it a “spirit” and that’s because it’s a character trait from the dark-side. God’s attributes are honesty, purity, holiness and being absolutely truthful in every way, and since He is light, He exposes the darkness and nothing is hidden from Him. On the other side of the fence we find fraud, corruption, lying, trickery, double-crossing and, well you get the point. Christians realize the human race is void of their own righteousness, but also within the realm of spiritual warfare there is strong influence of evil devoted to deceiving humanity. So, whether the masses are following the blindness within their own heart, or they are agreeing with the father of all lies, deception ruins individuals, and its underlying intention is to destroy the world.

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I was reading an opinion column the other day and to be honest, it was much of the same old negativity that is being dumped out on a daily basis. They proceeded to explain why a certain candidate was not worthy to hold the office of President and I kept thinking, I hope this has a little more substance because so far they are talking about half of the American population. After more scalding personal insults, the article concluded by condemning this candidate for saying hateful things about others. Hmm…talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Hypocrisy is a result of deception and personal verbal attacks never help anything. Instead it creates more frustration and chaos. Proverbs 15:1, “A soft answer turns away wrath, but grievous and damaging words stir up anger.”

Criticizing one another is the easiest thing in the world to do, it takes no talent or intellect. Ephesians 4:29 says, “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.” Have you noticed, the one who screams the loudest at a ball game is many times someone who never played? Likewise, when it comes to politics, it’s a shame that all the spectators who claim to know exactly how to run this country do not even know what the stripes on our flag represent. Now is the time when both parties need to stop wasting everyone’s time with endless attacks of hatred and strife and start revealing their strategies to unify and help our nation. It’s also time we the people stop criticizing the candidates and start focusing our energy and passion into asking God to open their eyes so they might see His truth and accomplish His will. To be honest, I’m still waiting for any candidate to declare they are asking for God’s help!

Like you, I am concerned about this country, but it goes much deeper than who is elected to sit in the Oval Office. Actually, our modern political gridlock is not the center of our crisis but merely a result of a deeper spiritual problem. The most important issue has never been which party is in control, but for the nation to repent and turn away from sin. When there is more darkness within the human conscience than the light of God’s truth, the default state of mind will automatically operate in deception. However, when Christ is allowed to intervene, His light allows the people to discern what is wrong and stimulates spiritual conviction to choose what is right. In Second Chronicles 7:14, the Lord promises to hear our prayers and heal our land – but only if we humble ourselves and seek His face.

Dr. Holland lives in Central Kentucky with his wife Cheryl, where he is a Christian author, outreach minister and community chaplain. To learn more visit: