Restaurant inspections published September 08

Published 3:06 pm Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

• Corman’s Cafeteria — 98 on Aug. 25.

Notes: coolers and freezers unclean on inside; grease on floors under cooking area; shelves dusty under serving counter.

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• McDonald’s — 97 on Aug. 24. Notes: ice scoop cracked on the end; floor unclean at food prep area; light shield missing near walk-in cooler.

•Velvet Touch Catering —100 on Aug. 18.

• Kids Connection — 99 on Aug. 15.

Notes: can opener blade in need of cleaning – wash, rinse, sanitize top of microwave on the inside in need of cleaning.

• Movie Tavern — 94 on Aug. 23. Notes: lettuce stored uncovered, milkshake mix stored without rack, causing standing water; sink leaking; dishwasher temp gauge is unreadable due to location; paper towels needed at two hand sinks; food handlers cards needed.

• Cracker Barrel — 98 on Aug. 23. Notes: clean equipment (oven and coolers) as needed; ceiling vents need cleaned, walls as needed.

• Little Caesars — 94 on Aug. 2. Notes: plastic sheets on ground in dumpster area should be picked up; brooms should be hung up, gap under right side of back door; hot water fixture needs to be fixed at hand sink.

• Jessamine County Youth Baseball — 96 on Aug. 8. Notes: need sanitizer test strips; hang brooms off of ground.

• EZ Mart & Deli — 90 on Aug. 17. Notes: chest freezer door repair needs to be thawed, fire suppression system has not been installed; equipment: coolers, fryers, freezers to be cleaned; single service straws must be wrapped individually or dispense individually; bathroom must be stocked with soap and paper towels and cleaned; open box cannot be used as trashcan; floors behind and under equipments are dirty; expired food products.

• AFC Sushi Brannon — 98 on Aug. 17. Notes: sanitizer test strips needed.

• NUMC Kitchen — 99 on Aug. 11. Notes: can opener blade in need of cleaning.

• JC Extension Office Kitchen — 100 on Aug. 11.