KCAL to present Spring Roundup in April

Published 1:20 pm Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Jessamine County’s beloved live radio performance is back in the rehearsal room for its annual Spring Roundup.

The April show will feature two renditions of old-time radio shows and a musical performance by the same singing trio performing at the December Christmas show.

KCAL directors aim for each show to have balance through their choice of radio scripts. To do that, they perform a variety of genres for their audience. One KCAL director knows that people love comedy but thinks the best scripts are not found there.

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“I know everybody likes to laugh. But I don’t want it to be all comedy all the time,” said KCAL producer and director Doug Fain. “Just like the Christmas suspense, there are so many good scripts that I don’t wanna not do because we want people to laugh. I mean, we have got to have some serious, I think. So that’s why we went with the gun smoke this year. It’s just time.”

KCAL will provide its audience with a blast to the past featuring cowboys and melodramatic feuds in the 1950s Western radio show, “Gunsmoke.”

“In a nutshell, the ‘Gunsmoke’ episode is about a person that gets mad at [character] Matt Dillon and puts out a bounty on his head,” Fain said.

Fain said the musical trio will also be singing western-inspired music and may even wear cowboy hats if he can get them to.

The second show is a comedy from the 1940s called “A Date With Judy.”

This show is about a family that is “trying to set up their unmarried aunt. It’s really funny and one of the main characters is a boy named Randolph. He’s a younger brother of Judy and he’s just absolutely hilarious through the whole thing.” Fain said.

The crew will start rehearsing on Monday, March 13. Fain said everyone’s excited to get back to it.

“We’re excited about seeing each other,” Fain said. Other than texting, the crew last saw each other at Christmas.

Fain said he’s also excited to get back to it, much like the rest of the crew.

“This is kind of everybody’s main hobby. I looked down through the list and there’s none of us that golf and there’s none of us who really fish. I mean this is it. So, we’re always excited because this is kind of what we do on the side.” Fain said. “We’re entertainers. And we love just getting together and having a good time and bringing it to the people.”

KCAL will hold several performances of the show. One on Friday, April 28 in the evening, Saturday, April 29 in the afternoon and evening, and Sunday, April 30 in the evening. But Fain said to buy tickets as soon as possible because they are going fast.

Friday and Saturday nights are already 92 percent sold out and Sunday is about 70 percent.

Denise Teater Cline, a producer and director at KCAL, handles ticket sales. To purchase tickets, call Cline at 859-885-5363.

“The fact that here we are, eight weeks from showtime and we’re pretty much half sold out all the way across, it’s pretty amazing,” Fain said.

Adults tickets are $10, tickets for seniors over 62 are $9, and tickets for children under 12 are $8. There will also be homemade refreshments.

For more information, head to kcalotr.com.