EVANS: Our house is under elf surveillance

Published 2:16 pm Tuesday, December 15, 2020

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Like many of you, my house is currently under elf surveillance.

These cute little elves were sent on a mission from the North Pole to watch my children and report back should there be any questionable behavior.

Despite that they aid in maintaining good behavior in my children, I regularly find that these sneaky little mischief makers have made messes and pulled out toys through out my house while my children were sleeping.

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While I am thankful for their support in manipulating my children in to behaving, I wish there were cleaning fairies to come behind them and clean up their messes.

Each and every night, the elves seem to go about lots of mischief, and each and every morning, we find them sitting ever so still on whatever last item they were playing with.

This week alone we have had our fair share of elf business taking place inside our home.

My youngest son celebrates a birthday this week, and can I just say how time has flown? It seems like just yesterday he was a baby, cute cuddly and very loud.

In celebration for his birthday, I bought red streamers to decorate our front porch for the parade. The day after I started making posters and getting everything ready, we awoke to find red streamers everywhere. Those little mischief makers had circled the tree, the recliner and my sons dining chair in red streamers.

Yet, there they sat by the television with a little bit of streamers for themselves, aware that the mess was not theirs to clean up. Sneaky little elves!

This obviously made my son’s day because even the elves were celebrating his birthday.

Today we awoke to find candy canes scattered all over the house, hidden like Easter Eggs. I guess they forgot that this job has already been filled, and the Easter Bunny will come in the spring.

They neatly hung candy canes on doors, on toy castles, on desk chairs and in vases through out our home.

My kids came into the living room, one ecstatic and one not really awake yet, discussing the happenings of the elves. My youngest son is 6 and very entertained by everything that the elves do.

He scurried all over the house searching for the candy canes and counting them to see how many he still needed to find — like Easter in December.

Tonight, as we prepare for bed, my sons will discuss what they think Zippy and Frank will be up to next, and I will sit and listen, wondering myself how much of a mess these little mischief makers will leave for me in the morning.

Despite the mess and the constant worry that we might accidentally touch an elf, the magic and fun of the whole thing will leave my children and myself a whole host of fabulous memories to look back on.