LETTER: Age shouldn’t matter with activism

Published 9:59 am Thursday, August 13, 2020

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William K. Alverson’s letter, “If Confederate statues must go, then so should Lincoln’s,” states Jenna Sparks’ age as being only 15.

So what.

I was 12 when I began in 1954. Now I am 77.

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A person has got to start at some point in their life.

It has come time for us to stop talking out of the both sides of our mouth.

The South lost the war and the battle, and it is high time they get over it.

These Confederate statues stand for nothing but pure racism and white supremacy. Period.

And they need to be brought down.

It has come time for us to show a little love to our fellow Americans, and this includes our black cousins.

I have a problem with Alverson’s belittlement of Jenna because of her age.

Is he not trying to be one-sided, too? 

Victor Privett,