Restaurant inspections

Published 11:39 am Thursday, September 26, 2019

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The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department.

— China King, 94 on Aug. 7. Notes: Hair restraints for all food handlers. Open water bottles in food prep. Label foods not in original containers. Door handles not clean. Screen door in kitchen does not close to seal out insects.
— Dairy Queen, 96 on Aug. 14. Notes: Dumpster OK, but large amount of litter on ground besides dumpster. Clean can opener daily. Open soda bottle and open cups in kitchen.
— Movie Tavern, 99 on Aug. 14. Notes: Remove paper shelf liners and use clean shelf.
— Panera, 99 on Aug. 14. Notes: Keep dumpster doors closed.
— Big City Pizza, 98 on Aug. 15. Notes: Single service cup stored as a scoop in graham cracker crumbs and Italian seasoning. Walk-in cooler door unclean. Front refrigerator unclean in sliding doors and bottom of inside. Mop sink unclean.
— McDonalds, 94 on Aug. 21. Notes: Numerous wiping towels on counters. Number of food handlers without hair restraints. Around dumpster and on ground not clean. Store brooms off floor. Single service happy meal boxes on floor. Multiple leaks at three compartment sink.
— Little Casers, 94 on Aug. 26. Notes: Automatic sanitizer not sanitizing at three compartment sink. Scoop stored laying in parmesan cheese. Crack door in need of cleaning and under three compartment sink. Sink in need of cleaning. Roof leaking. 97 on follow up. Notes: Sanitizer poured in sanitizer water.
— Burger King, 96 on Aug. 26. Notes: Chicken uncovered in freezer with bags of other food on top of it. Food crumbs under product holding unit. Tea spilled in ice scoop storage containers. Sliced tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, bacon at food prep area and not discarded at proper time. 98 on Follow up. Notes: items discarded.
— BGSL, 96 on Aug. 27. Notes: Refrigerator and freezer unit rusty and moldy on edges. Spiders and spider webs. Thermometer not working in refrigerator.
— Red Robin, 98 on Aug. 27. Notes: Food stored uncovered in freezer. Ice machine and freezer with ice drippers needs cleaning.
— Subway, 98 on July 16. Notes: thermometer not available in low cooler. Food uncovered on bar.
— Copper River, 93 on July 9. Notes: No thermometer in freezer. Cup stored in brown sugar. Served gaskets in front of line in poor repair. Dishwasher in back is not consistently reaching 180 degrees. Items to be cleaned include shelves by walk in, fry screens in back and coolers in front area. Flies in dishwashing and food prep areas. Gnats in bar area. Floors dirty behind and under equipment. Do not have a top coat. Hard to clean.
— Golf Club of the Bluegrass, 95 on Aug. 30. Notes: Cleaner in spray bottle stored by cups, lids and straws. Linoleum in men’s restroom not in good repair. No thermometer in refrigerator. Coffee straws not dispensing properly. 97 on Follow up. Spray bottle corrected.

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