Restaurant Inspections

Published 9:44 am Thursday, June 20, 2019

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The following restaurant inspections were released by the Jessamine County Health Department:

– McDonalds, 100 Hendren Way, 93 on May 24. Notes: Thermometer needed in refrigerator units. Water leaking from faucet at three compartment sink. Ice scoop handle down in ice. Floor staying wet from ice melting. Food products such as plates and cups stored in a box only. Complaint: Hamburger patty very pink inside that customer purchased. Discussed with management and review cooking process. Complaint was from April before restaurant closed for remodel.
– Taco Bell, 1011 North Main St., 93 on May 23. Notes: Beans and rice at 98 degrees, must be 130 or above for hot holding. Items discarded. Items to be cleaned – inside of cooler at gasket, tea containers near drive through, under soda fountain in lobby and fry screens. Walls dirty in mop sink area, hand sink area.
– Concession stand at Riney B Pool, 300 MLK, 98 on May 24. Notes: Opening inspection. Sanitizer needed for dish washing sink. Day before pool opens – no food in kitchen.
– Thoroughbred Golf Club, 1215 High Point, 98 on May 13. Notes: Items to be cleaned: fry screens, low cooler. Forks and spoons must be stored handle side down.
– Breads and Spreads, 100 on May 8. Notes: Food products are labeled appropriately. Looks great.
– Dixie Café, 108 Keene S. Elkhorn, 99 on May 18. Notes: Missing expiration labels, bottle drinks stored on floor.
– Jessamine County Homeless Coalition, 96 on May 10. Notes: No food prep at time of inspection. Food products not labeled. Label food products with throw away dates. White refrigerator needs thermometer. Towels not allowed in dish drying. Discussed reheating leftovers may be only reheated one time then they must be discarded.
– Penn Station, 112 Blueberry, 93 on May 10. Notes: Bleach spray not labeled. Thermometer needed in front cooler. Wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer solution. Items that need to be cleaned: Front cooler, under fryer area, oven, shelves, front hand sink. Feels dusty and warn under equipment and shelves. Walls dirty, poor repair.
– Allstar Gas and Convenience, 3340 Danville Road, 97 on May 9. Notes: Thermometer not accurate in Red Bull refrigerator. Water stained ceiling tiles.
– Comfort Inn, 100 Allstar Way, 96 on May 9. Notes: Dumpster door and lid open Broom and mop should be hung up.
– A Child’s Place, 107 Brookside Drive, 98 on May 9. Notes: Drawer under oven in need of cleaning. Perimeter of floor unclean.
– Family Market, 2260 Lexington Road, 85 on May 9. 93 on Follow up. Notes: Dumpster lids and doors open. Bottled drinks stored on floor in back room. Light out in prep area, back storage room and white stand up freezer. Ants around hand sink. White stand up freezer in need of defrosting. Meat loaf and gravy need to be date marked. Chicken salad needs to be date marked correctly or thrown out after seven days. Scoop should not be stored on floor. Lid not sealing properly on deep fryer. Beer cheese sold in individual containers not labels correctly with name, ingredients or address.
– Speedway, 415 N. Main St., 98 on May 10. Notes: Packaged sandwich dates are not seven days or less. Walls dirty, ceilings dirty, poor repair in back.
– Primestar Seven, 980 S. Main St., 93 on May 2. Notes: Dumpster lid open. Silver metal shield inside ice machine in need of cleaning. Light out in old kitchen where mop sink is. Boxes of Styrofoam cups stores on ground in storage room. Bottles drinks stored on ground in drink cooler. Condensation leak in walk in cooler. Water dripping on drinks on floor.
– Daily Donuts, 908 S. Main St., 99 on May 2. Notes: Thermometer not accurate in drink cooler.
– Academy of Great Beginners, 101 Depot St., 99 on May 2. Notes: Contact paper should be removed. Water stained from old leak.
– Los Dos Amigos, 107 Edgewood Plaza, 89 on May 2. Notes: Facet handle in men’s restroom broken. Ice scoop handle down in ice in ice machine. Chlorine strips required for dishwasher sanitizer. Thermometer required in all refrigerators. Refrigerator door unable to stay fully closed. Not keeping proper temperature. Light bulb out in refrigerator in storage room by bar. Dirty mop water should be poured down mop sink. Follow up inspection: Spray bottle of pink cleaner now labeled.
– KFC, 900 N. Main St., 99 on May 2. Notes: Shield inside ice machine in need of cleaning.
– Save A Lot, 701 Edgewood Drive, 96 on May 2. Notes: Woman’s restroom door not self-closing. Debris on floor under “back stock” shelving. Ice condensation in walk-in freezer in back room. Ice condensation in freezer with ice accumulating on Friday’s Chicken wrap and teriyaki chicken.

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