Letter to editor published in the Jessamine Journal 1.17.19

Published 12:15 pm Thursday, January 17, 2019

So, you attended this meeting of the newly-elected officials and found the first item on the agenda was how to give themselves a raise?

You have decided they need a raise.

You decided several weeks ago Jessamine County jail needs to be expanded even though (there is) no mention on how to pay for it.

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I suppose you believe in the tooth fairy also.

I suggest you do a little investigative reporting.

What is the city and county budget for employee pay?

How many city and county employees are there?

Do they have a pension plan and what about health insurance?

Why does Jessamine County own so many pieces of real property that are in terrible shape?

Why is there no money to repair county roads and someone to enforce county ordinances ie tall grass, abandoned vehicles, unlivable houses?

What does the city do with the 5 percent sales tax on alcohol sold at places like Sam’s?

How does Jessamine County schools rank in the state?

We, the property owners of Jessamine county, pay a lot of taxes and get very little in return.

I really doubt your average Jessamine Journal reader really cares what you think especially since you are not even a resident of Jessamine County.

Paula Kennoy