Why I love Jessamine County

Published 2:45 pm Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Driven to make life successful and happy


What is your favorite part about being a Jessamine County resident?

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I think my favorite part about being a Jessamine County resident is how strongly connected I am here. I was born and raised here, and my parents live here. My husband and I attended school here. I was in the first graduating class from West Jessamine High School. My children were born and raised here as well.

I started my first real estate brokerage here, with a good number of my agents being residents from Jessamine County.

When those you meet in life
ask you about where you live, how do you describe it?

Jessamine County is a beautiful place with rolling rural landscapes, Kentucky River scenery, attractive homes, and its friendly, family and civic minded people.

What have you found unique about living and working in Jessamine County?

Jessamine County has a mix of living opportunities from the very rural and secluded to high-end subdivisions with ready access to Lexington. It offers a unique diversity of excellent institutions of higher-learning such as Asbury University and Asbury Theological Seminary, innovative world renown industries such as AIITech Biotechnology Research Center, and leading equine operations such as Taylor Made Farm.

What are some of the
developments in the county
that you have seen over time which stand out to you?

The expansion of retail opportunities such as Brannon Crossing, the enhancement of the public school system, including the creation of the (students work-ready) Jessamine Career & Technology Center, and increased historic preservation at Camp Nelson and High Bridge all stand out to me. I have also seen rapid growth in population as well in the city and the county.

What are you most excited about for the future of
Jessamine County?

We have the people and the resources in Jessamine County to continue to strive to make this a better place to live and work. With our citizens’ motivation and determination to work harder and smarter, we can make Jessamine County truly outstanding.

What have you learned and
taken from your time spent
living and working in
Jessamine County?

I have found that there are many who come from humble backgrounds, with hard work and determination to better their lives. For some, the support and guidance available from various venues and people in Jessamine County one can indeed pursue a better and happier life.

How has living in Jessamine County shaped you as an

I took what I had experienced through my life here, and strived working hard to reach past the things that have been difficult to create a strong and highly driven work ethic and strive to make my life successful and happy. I believe I set an example for those surrounding me that you can achieve your goals and dreams in life by applying the principles and standards I have learned and gained.

Where is your favorite place
to go in Jessamine County?

I love to gather with friends and family at the Los Dos Amigos Mexican restaurant. The chicken fajitas are great! We are also avid baseball lovers. Two of our five children play baseball and attend several tournaments at the new complex.

What is your favorite holiday
or community event which takes place in Jessamine

County and why?

With Christmas being my favorite holiday, a time to share and give with love and hope, I enjoy working with and participating over the years with The Habitat for Humanity housing projects, Relay for Life, Operation Christmas Child, Jessamine County Humane Society, Veteran’s Center, Jessamine County Food Pantry, Family Resource Center, Children’s Miracle Network, and many other events and activities including the Taste of Jessamine County. All of these events and activities bring out the best in us, and allows us to freely share our giving hearts and time with others in our community. Give me your hand, and I’ll give you mine.