Restaurant Inspections

Published 1:09 pm Thursday, July 19, 2018

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

­— Circle K, 633 Edgewood Drive – 100 June 14. Notes: Light shield broken in walk-in cooler. All other items corrected.

­— Holiday Inn Express, 164 Imperial Way – 93 June 14. Notes: Six boxes of yogurt found at 54 to 57 degrees in the kitchen prep-coolers. Kitchen prep-cooler not maintaining food temperature.

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­— Heartland Academy, 100 Cochella Drive – 100 June 11. Notes: None.

­— Lo Roes Hawaiian Ice, 104 Edgewood Plaza – 96 June 8. Notes: Inside of cooler sticky and containing mildew. Floor under refrigerator moldy. Splatters of syrup flavors on ceiling. Waste tank too full. Running up tube to sink.

­— A&W/ Long John Silvers, 104 N. Main St. – 96 June 7. Notes: Floor tile in poor condition at fryers. Interior of perp-cooler and freezer unclean. Urinal out of order in men’s restroom.

­— Movie Tavern, 150 Longley Drive – 93 June 7. Notes; Mildew on interior of ice machine. Door gaskets in poor condition on freezer and cooler doors. Interior light hanging in front of food freezer. Hand towel dispenser in kitchen not working. Side door missing on dumpster. Ground around dumpster unclean, especially the drain. Freezer for bar drinks not working properly. Drink mixes at temperature between 36 to 60 degrees. Contents of freezer relocated to walk-in until repaired.

­— Gumbo Ya Ya, 294 Brannon Road – 99 June 7. Notes: Water leak from drain pipe under three-compartment sink.

­— Panera, 101 Cynthia Drive – 96 June 7. Notes: Hand sink in pastry area water flow restricted. Handles on microwaves two prep-coolers unclean. Spray bottle not labeled in bakery prep-area.

­— Aquatic Center Concessions, 300 Martin Luther King Blvd. – 92 June 19. Notes: Refrigerator not holding temperature of 41 degrees or cooler. Potentially hazardous food not at safe temperature. Sink backed up. Plumber coming this afternoon. 99 on follow up. Notes; Potentially hazardous food corrected. Not using refrigerator that was not keeping food cold enough. Sink backup corrected.

­— Fat Jacks, 319 E. Main St. – 95 June 13. Notes: Freezer in need of defrosting to restore ice build-up. Cleaner and sanitizer not labeled. 100 on follow up. Notes: None.

­— Dairy Queen, 100 Plaza Drive – 94 June 14. Notes: Interior and exterior of equipment unclean. Men’s restroom unclean. Several tables in dining area unclean. Floor under equipment unclean.

­— Captain D’s, 189 Imperial Way 97 June 14. Notes: Foods uncovered in cooler and freezer. Interior of microwave in poor condition. Door gasket in poor condition on prep cooler at front counter.

­— Depot St. Pizza, 309 N. Third St. 95 June 14. Notes: Particle board on walls not sealed from moisture. Floor tiles in poor condition in prep-cooler. Wood framing under counter not sealed from moisture. Lighting made in food storage room. High weeds and grass on side of building for hauling.

­— Sonic, 100 Village Parkway – 89 June 14. 99 on spot follow-up. Notes: Sink, toilet and floor unclean in customer restroom. Floor unclean under equipment and throughout facility. Exterior of equipment unclean. Food handlers contacting ready to eat food with bare hands. Water pooled up on floor at drive through window. Interior of equipment unclean. Can opener unclean. Eater leak from faucet and spray nozzle on three-compartment sink. 99 on spot follow up. Notes: food handler corrected his procedure by washing hands and wearing clean gloves.

­— Diversacare of Nicholasville, 100 Sparks Ave. – 99 June 25. Notes: Wall under machine in need of cleaning. Paint, repair. Baseboard coming off wall under dishwashing machine needs to be repaired/replaced.

­— Hardee’s, 903 S. Main St. 97 June 18. Notes: Ice scoop laying in ice machine. Handle touching ice. Ice spot in need of cleaning at fountain drink station.

­— Bob Evans, 121 Marlene Drive. 95 June 13. Notes: Broom stored against clean dishes and utensils. Grease container over flowing. Oil and debris on ground. Floors dirty in dry storage area. Walls in cleaning supply room and under three-compartment sink moldy and dirty.

­— Subway, 100 E. Main St. 99 June 21. Notes: Floor in poor condition near mop sink.

­— Homerun Marathon, 101 N. Plaza Drive – 95 June 19. Notes: Dumpster lid brokken. Side door open and garbage on ground. Contact Advanced Disposal for a different dumpster. Hand sink beside slush machine dripping. Ceiling tiles water stained. Light shields missing on some lights. Inside of ice machine needs cleaning.

­— Zaxby’s, 200 N. Plaza Drive – 99 June 19. Notes: Whit plastic inside of ice machine in cleaning.

­— The Sweet Shoppe, 109 Springdale – 97 June 28. Notes: Light out in kitchen. Food debris on floor along walls and cabinets.

­— Subway, 109 Springdale – 100 June 28. Notes: None.

­— Sonic, 120 Bellerive Blvd. – 90 June 28. Notes: Shield in ice machine unclean. Exterior of fryers, grill. Warmers unclean. Floor unclean under and behind equipment. Light out in storage area. Food debris on floor in walk-in cooler and freezer. Soft serve ice cream observed at 48 to 50 degrees inside refrigerated cabinet. Ice cream machine not maintain ice cream temperature 41 degrees or less in refrigerated cabinet. Note: May use ice cream machine until repairs under these conditions: Discard ice cream currently in machine. Clean and sanitize bins and lines of machine. Date and time mark bins with new ice cream and discard any product left after four hours.

­— Holiday Inn Express, 164 Imperial Way – 100 June 28. Notes: New refrigerator installed and other cooler no longer being used.

­— Red Robin, 101 E. Brannon – 97 June 18. Notes: Equipment dirty, especially gaskets on coolers. Liquid on floor in back. Floors dirty at cooking and corners. Ceiling leak above ice machine area.

­— Mi Peguena Hacienda, 110 Cynthia Drive – 95 June 28. Notes: Heated tortillas stored in grocery bag (non-food grade). Sides of steam table unclean, interior and exterior of microwave unclean. Shelves on prep-table unclean. Shelves rusty on prep-table. Floor unclean in dry storage room.

­— Subway, 101 Quinn Drive – 96 June 25. Notes; Ants noted at fountain drink machine and syrups. Food handler certification required for all regular staff. Food manager certification required for manager. 100 on follow-up: No ants during inspection.

­— Scott Station Inn, 305 E. Main St. – 100 May 1. Notes: Good Job.

­— El Potrillo, 1073 N. Main St. – 100 June 27. Notes: Opening inspection complete. OK to open restaurant.