Thoroughbred Insurance joins Jessamine Chamber

Published 11:07 am Thursday, April 19, 2018

New program offers life insurance with no medical questions asked of enrollees

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Celebrating with a ribbon cutting last week, Thoroughbred Insurance Services joined the Jessamine Chamber of Commerce last December in hopes of offering local business owners a new program giving them the opportunity to offer life insurance to their employees.

Starting the agency in October 2016, Ryan Shive said he is excited to be a part of the chamber and thinks this new program can help a lot of people and business owners in Jessamine County.

“I joined the chamber to spread the word about this great, new program,” Shive said. “In today’s business climate, many employers are cutting benefits or looking for a way to be more competitive in order to retain employees. This program is a great way to do that since it costs the employer nothing. It’s a great value-added program any employer can add to their benefits package and employees would appreciate, especially if they would otherwise be ineligible for life insurance.”

Shive said, Thoroughbred Insurance Services is a locally-owned agency speializing in auto, home, life and commercial insurance.

Shive started the business after working for Liberty Mutual for more than six years, and said although he really liked the work he did in the insurance industry for Liberty Mutual, he wanted something more.

“I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit since I was a kid, so I started my agency in order to better serve my clients and build long-term relationships with them,” Shive said. “I love that I have the flexibility to cover most of their insurance needs with a variety of carriers.”

Through Thoroughbred Insurance Services’ new program, Shive said business owners will be able to offer their employees up to $100,000 in guaranteed life insurance with no questions asked about their current or past medical conditions.

This program, he said, was designed to help small businesses offer a group benefit to employees they normally would not be able to. Shive said the only requirement for an employee is to work at least 30 hours a week.

“We don’t even factor in their height and weight,” Shive said. “If you need life insurance, but you would be declined because of medical reasons, this is a great program. The best thing is that it’s free to the employer and the payments are taken directly from the customer. So if they leave their current position and go to another company, the policy goes with them. We also have a program designed for associations that I’d be happy to talk to anyone that’s interested about that’s similar.”

Shive has been a part of the insurance industry for almost eight years and said one thing he really cares about is his clients. Although his agency is small, his team works hard to help clients, he said.

Shive said his hope is to help business owners improve their benefits package. This, he said, will make their employees happier with their careers.

“Happy employees are more productive employees,” Shive said. “If an employee has had a heart attack and they can’t get life insurance through normal means and they’re stressed out about their family being taken care of if something happens to them, this can relieve some of that stress. Insurance is one of those things that we spend a lot of money on and hope we never use so I would hope to help hard-working people and business owners save money while providing great coverage on all of their insurance.”

For more information, contact Ryan Shive at or 859-214-6051 ext. 1.