Colloquium at Asbury Seminary discusses benefits of biblical language

Published 11:08 am Thursday, April 19, 2018

Asbury Theological Seminary will host a colloquium in order to promote discussion and consideration of the benefits of biblical language.

Scheduled for 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Friday, the event will feature food and fellowship, a guest speaker presentation, breakout groups, small panel discussion and lunch.

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Designed to fulfill the Eta Beta Rho honor society’s mission to foster an appreciation for not only biblical language, but literature and culture, the event is being offered free to the public.

The focus will be on targeting students required to take Greek and Hebrew as part of their course work, or locals who use biblical language in their ministries.

Dr. Kevin J. Youngblood, associate professor of biblical studies at Harding University, is scheduled to present on biblical language, literature, culture and insights as to why a scholar or minister uses biblical language in ministry.

“We selected our speaker very carefully,” Benjamin Wiggershaus, Eta Beta Rho vice president, said. “Dr. Youngblood is indeed a scholar, and attendees may be interested in his work in Greek and Hebrew Linguistics, Old Testament and Septuagint. However, he was primarily selected for this event because of his ability to speak on the biblical languages in a ministry setting. It is important that he has expertise in the biblical languages, but the aim of this talk is to show their relevance in ministry, not particularly scholarship.”

In addition to Youngblood’s presentation, Wiggershaus said the event will also feature break out groups, which give the audience time for dialogue and offer reflections on Youngblood’s presentation as well as pose any questions they may have.

The groups will then form a panel and engage with Youngblood. After breakout groups and the panel, Wiggershaus said groups will break for lunch and join Youngblood in the cafeteria for a question and answer session.

Although lunch is not provided, those who attend will be given a discount on food in the cafeteria, which is being provided on a first-come first-serve basis.

“Anyone is welcome to attend the event,” Wiggershaus said. “It is free and open. Breakfast and snacks are provided, but lunch is offered in the cafeteria. Our target audience is, first, the Asbury Seminary student body as they prepare for ministry, and any community members currently active in the ministry of the church that would benefit from such a discussion.”

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