Restaurant Inspections

Published 3:37 pm Thursday, March 8, 2018

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

— Nicholasville Host – 95 on Feb. 27. Notes: Single sink should be used for hand washing. Compartment sink should be used for dishwashing. Juice machine in need of cleaning. Dumpster doors should be shut to prevent bird and animal entry.

— Academy of Great Beginnings, LLC – 97 on Feb. 25. Notes: Cleaning products must be properly labeled. Chlorine test strips needed.

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— Asbury Theological Seminary – 99 on Feb. 26. Notes; Wall in dish room growing mildew. Needs to be cleaned more often. Wall behind mop sink peeling. Walls dirty in various spots in kitchen.

— Asbury University – 99 on Feb. 23. Notes: Cabinet where popcorn salt is stored should be wiped out to remove spilled butter.

— Wah Mei – 97 on Feb. 8. Notes: Thermometers missing in two freezers and on cooler. Oranges squeezed for juice into non-food grade container.

— Family Market – 98 and 99 on Feb. 8. Notes: Coffee stirs not dispensed properly. Lights out in storage room. Beer cheese made in store not labeled in half pound and one pound containers.

— Dixie Cafe – 97 and 100 on Feb. 8. Notes: grease on the floor under fryer. Door handles unclean on prep coolers. Water leak from home behind prep sink.

— Ollie’s Bargain Outlet – 95 and 99 on Feb. 1. Notes: Dented carts in display area – corrected. Expired products on clearance table. Shelf with pork and beans dirty.

— I Don’t Care Bar and Grill – 94 on Feb. 1. Notes: Microwave in need of cleaning – upper side. Foam board on wall by three compartment sink should be replaced with a material that is smooth and easy to clean. Wall by ice machine dirty and mildew present. Floor not in good repair in store area. Baseboard should be sealed or painted by ice machine. Label butter in spray bottle (corrected during inspection). Hang brooms when not in use. Use wrapped straws.

— The Well – 96 on Feb. 1. Notes: Broom should be hung up when not in use. Self closing door requires at restroom. Sanitizer should be 100 ppm.

— Hallarosa – 99 on Feb. 2. Notes: Bottom cabinet by dishwasher in need of cleaning.

— Square 29 Shell – 90 and 93 on Feb. 1. Notes: Thermometer not located in prep-cooler. Interior and exterior of all equipment in four preparation area unclean. Floor unclean in food prep area. Retail some shelving, etc and U-Haul blankets stored in food pre area. Cabinet shelves unclean at beverage station. Exterior of beverage machine unclean. Ice bags not labeled with store name and address. Wall in poor condition on front of walk-in freezer. Floor unclean in storage room. Storage room cluttered with unnecessary items. Hand sink unclean in food prep area. Lights out in rear prep and storage areas.

— KY United Methodist Home – 96 on Feb. 1. Notes: No lids on dumpster. All food handlers must wear hair restraints.

— Wilmore Petro/Kluckers – 90 and 93 on Feb. 1. Notes: Floor unclean under front counter and behind equipment in kitchen. Interior of equipment unclean. Thermometer not located in some freezers. Coffee stirs not dispensed properly. Interior of cabinet behind trash cans unclean. Ice scoop stored in cardboard box. Shield inside ice machine unclean and corroded. Floor unclean in storage room under beverage syrup. Water line leak in basement. No towels in men’s restroom. Floor unclean in walk-in cooler. Interior of ice cream freezer unclean (front counter).

— Jessamine County Homeless Coalition – 96 on Feb. 1. Notes: Paper towels needed at hand sink. Keep kitchen supplies up off the floor. Locate sanitizer test strips.

— European Delight – 99 on Feb. 28. Notes: Wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer solution when not infuse. Food handler and good manager classes need.

— Prime Star 7  – 91 and 93 on Feb. 19. Notes: Dumpster lids open. Restroom door needs to be self closing. Ceiling tiles water stained in restroom. Debris on floor in walk-in cooler. Nozzles and tray on Coca-Cola and contain drink machines dirty. Nozzles on such machine dirty and growing mildew. Brooms should be hung up.