Students recognized as Youth Leaders

Published 3:58 pm Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Several students from East and West Jessamine High Schools were recognized at the 37th Annual Awards Ceremony for the “Youth Salute” hosted by the Central Kentucky Council on Youth Leadership.

Over 800 juniors from 54 high schools in central Kentucky are being recognized in this year’s “Youth Salute.” An annual awards ceremony was held in their honor on Sunday, May 21 at Transylvania University.

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The Central Kentucky Council on Youth Leadership was formed in 1980 to conduct the “Youth Salute” in cooperation with the National Council on Youth Leadership, a non-profit organization.

Students were nominated by teachers, guidance counselors and principals. In order to qualify, the student had to be a junior and have a 3.0 G.P.A. or better, and have held at least two leadership roles in their school and religious or community-sponsored organizations — to which they were chosen by their peers or an adult leader. 

A top Youth Leader was named for each high school, as well as several other “Youth Leaders of the Year.”

Aleah Archer was named the top Youth Leader for East Jessamine High School, and Echo Thorpe was named the top Youth Leader for West Jessamine High School.

Other Youth Leaders of the Year included Andrew Palumbo, Bashiri Sawyer, Connor Aubrey, Drew Bender, Emily Forman, Joseph Alverson, Kayla Flatter, Lindsay Silva, Lindsey Lee, Mary Caite Briggs and McKenzie Banta from East Jessamine High School.

Youth Leaders of the Year for West Jessamine High School included Emma Olmstead, Katrina Stryker, Kayla Seamands, Kayleigh Carper and Rachel Jolene Endicott.